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Bourbon vanilla powder 25 g


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  • Finest bourbon vanilla powder with intense aroma
  • A must for summer
  • Perfect for cakes, puddings & much more
  • Cultivated with care in Madagascar
  • No added aromas or preservatives
Quality: Bourbon vanilla powder 25 g

BBD: 31.05.2024

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Also known to be the queen of spices; already appreciated by the Aztecs; is a climbing orchid with shiny leaves, and brings its unmistakable taste to sweet and savoury recipes: ladies and gentlemen, here comes vanilla! Our ground bourbon vanilla for you, which can be used for various dishes and stored for a long time - without any added flavourings or preservatives. Get ready to spice up your cakes!

How is bourbon vanilla powder made and where does it come from?

Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices. This is because its production is a rather complex process. Bourbon vanilla grows only on the islands of Madagascar, the Comoros, La Réunion, the Seychelles and Mauritius - also known as Bourbon islands. In these areas vanilla grows under extremely tough conditions. In its region of origin, Central America, the plants are pollinated by hummingbirds. In Madagascar, where the KoRo Bourbon vanilla is from, those little natural helpers are missing, which is why the vanilla plants are gently pollinated by hand by the farmers. Yes thats right – the vanilla farmer walks from flower to flower with a bamboo stick and carries the pollen. The vanilla beans are carefully sorted and fermented after harvesting. This gives them their typical black-brown colour.

All things vanilla: vanilla powder, vanilla extract, vanilla pods

At Koro we only want the best vanilla powder for you which is why we chose bourbon vanilla powder over regular vanilla powder. If you are, however, searching for a bourbon vanilla alternative you have also come to the right place. We offer all kinds of vanilla products, such as organic vanilla flavoured coffeebourbon vanilla pods and our bourbon vanilla sugar.  All these vanilla products are just as our vanilla powder perfect for baking and replacing vanilla extract. Want to spice up your sports game but crave the sweet taste of vanilla? No problem! Find various protein bars with vanilla and our vegan vanilla flavoured protein powder in our UK online store.

Ground bourbon vanilla from KoRo

We offer you bourbon vanilla ground so that it is ready to use immediately - whether for baking, for refining desserts or for making classics such as vanilla pudding, vanilla ice cream, vanilla curd and vanilla croissants like grandma used to make. The powder can even be used to sprinkle over your iced coffee, hot chocolate, smoothies and to bake really refreshing summery cakes. Even though we associate vanilla with sweet taste, it does not taste sweet on its own. To achieve the typical vanilla flavour of childhood, you don't necessarily have to combine vanilla with sugar. You can also use xylitol or erythritol instead. Buy our pure bourbon vanilla powder in the UK now!

Product number: VAN_004
Origin Madagascar
Content 0.025 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654782011
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light.
Ingredients 100% vanilla
Cross contamination No allergens according to EU regulation No 1169/2011
Best before date 31.05.2024
Trade Name Bourbon vanilla powder
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Questions & answers: Bourbon vanilla powder 25 g
You may indulge that sudden, strange craving for vanilla ice cream during pregnancy, because eating natural vanilla during pregnancy is safe for your health and that of your baby. Just be careful with high sugar foods.
At room temperature and in a place protected from light, the vanilla powder can be kept for up to 24 months.
Our ground bourbon vanilla is 100% vanilla, with no other additives or flavorings.
Most of the flavors are in the shell of the vanilla, which unfortunately often ends up in the trash. To make the bourbon vanilla powder, whole vanilla beans are ground for this purpose.
Since vanilla has a very intense flavor, we recommend using half a teaspoon of vanilla powder for 500 g of mass (e.g. cake dough or ice cream).
Vanilla powder is not toxic to dogs in small amounts, but is usually found in milk ice cream in combination with lactose, which can cause diarrhea in dogs.
Vanilla flavoring may be produced entirely chemically-synthetically. While vanilla extract and natural vanilla flavoring must only contain components of real vanilla, products called "vanilla powder" must consist of 100% ground vanilla beans.
Vanilla is only moderately tolerated and causes minor symptoms in histamine intolerance. The occasional consumption of small amounts is often tolerated
Our Bourbon vanilla powder may only be called so because it is grown on Madagascar. There are other growing areas besides Madagascar, such as all the Bourbon Islands and Mexico.
The cultivation and care of vanilla are costly and the production of vanilla is lengthy. Therefore, vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world, right after saffron. Vanilla is traded on the stock exchange and regularly makes headlines with its price development, for example when its price exceeds that of silver. This makes grandma's vanilla crescents seem much more luxurious.
Our vanilla powder is filled near foods containing gluten. Therefore, cross-contamination with gluten may occur.

Varieties & Origin

Bourbon Vanille

Die Hauptart der Vanille ist die Gewürzvanille, die Dir bestimmt unter dem Bourbon Vanilla

Cultivation by country in tons
Country Tons
Madagaskar 3227
Indonesien 2402
China 662
Mexiko 515
Papua-Neuguinea 499
Türkei 318
Uganda 214
Tonga 181
Französisch-Polynesien 36
Malawi 20
Kenia 15
Union der Komoren 11
Simbabwe 11
Cookinseln 2
Seychellen 1

In 2017, over 8 million tons of vanilla were produced worldwide, 95% of which was Bourbon vanilla. Madagascar leads the world production with about 3.2 million tons per year. The optimum planting period for vanilla orchids is between September and November. After three years the vanilla orchids bear flowers for the first time, which are then pollinated by hand. The vanilla farmers must always be vigilant in their search for new flowers, as they only bloom for one day. So if pollination does not take place within 24 hours, the flower withers and no capsule fruit is produced.


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71 Reviews

Jessica M.  | 12.08.2022

Vanilla validated and adopted!

What can I say? .... Except that it is a must in my pastry shop and you can really taste the vanilla! Plus, the price is much better than in the store

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Martine C.  | 26.07.2022

quality and price

very good

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Silvia F.  | 22.06.2022


Habe die leider Plastikverpackung geöffnet und es strömte mir ein säuerlichen Geruch entgegen. Auch nach dem umfüllen in ein Glas bleibt die Vanille sauer. Hat man hier die leeren Schoten getrocknet und zu Pulver verarbeitet? Für die meines Erachtens wirklich schlechte Qualität sehr teuer. Schade

5 people found this information helpful
Tatjana U.  | 19.05.2022

Very good quality

Ordered several times quality and price are right smell intense taste is great

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Magdalena R.  | 25.04.2022

Super for baking and sweet dishes

Great quality at a good price. Perfect for baking.

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Mariella O.  | 21.04.2022

Very intense smell - taste lala

Very intense smell - taste is so lala! Had hoped for something more vanilla in taste! Nothing destotrotz a good product!

1 people found this information helpful
Federica M.  | 20.04.2022


Delicate, good, immediately gives a unique taste to creams or smoothies! A pinch is really enough!

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Eva-Maria S.  | 09.04.2022


Praktisch dosierbar. Herrlich aromatisch.

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pedro s.  | 22.03.2022

aporta un gran sabor de forma natural

Calidad muy buena y dificil de encotrar en otras tiendas

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Anonymous  | 27.02.2022



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