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  • Honey-sweet taste
  • Firm consistency
  • Energy boost
  • Perfect alternative to conventional sweets
  • Pitted aka snack ready
Quality: Deglet Nour dates without pits 1kg
Deglet Datteln in einer 1 kg Vorteilspackung

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You may have already tried our Medjool dates . Well prepare yourself for an even sweeter delight: Deglet Nour dates. Our Deglet Nour dates are pitted, you ask why? Isn't it obvious: that way you can directly bite into these dreamy dates and satisfy your taste buds with the intense aroma! Our date queen will become your natural energy kick, and all this without any refined sugar. We say: goodbye afternoon drowsiness! Try it yourself and order the sweet beauty straight to your home!

Finger of light - the Deglet Nour date

Our Deglet Nour dates come from sunny, tropical Tunisia. That's where they hang on the date palms and soak up large amount of sun to develop that honey sweet flavor all by themselves. Did you know: Deglet Nour means "finger of light" - poetic, isn't it? The Deglet Nour lives up to her name: the date pit can be seen through her amber colored flesh in the sunlight. The Deglet Nour date is a real princess among dates and elevates herself above other dates due to this magnificent color. Shiny golden brown and temptingly sweet, the natural Deglet Nour date will be a real eye catcher on your shelf!

Using pitted Deglet Nour dates

Are you also in love with the little, deliciously sweet fruit and want to use it in your daily meal plan? We'll show you how! We love it sweet, and that is why we love our Deglet Nour dates. Due to their high natural sugar content, they are a beloved ingredient for vegan baking. Soaked over night and pureed into a fine date cream, you can easily portion the dates.  Sweeten your mornings with chestnut and dates cream or make delicious vegan date Mozart balls. Do you like to be adventurous in the kitchen? Mix the dates with nuts and create your own Energy balls or satisfy your chocolaty cravings with a date infused Snickers bowl. Let your creativity roam free and combine whatever you love! Our Deglet Nour date will soon become a must on every KoRo order!

Your source of energy: the Deglet Nour date

Are you in a rush again? Let our Deglet Nour date lead the way. Enjoy them pure or refine them with a walnut - just like that you have a nutritious dessert. A touch of nut butter has never hurt a date either. Are you the sporty type and constantly on your feet? Replace conventional sweets with our natural honey sweet snack! The flavor intense dates will give you a lot of energy. And so that you never get tired of them, try our the date queen or the chocolaty prince of the date family.  At KoRo we don't say Medjool dates vs Deglet Nour dates, we replace the "vs" with an "and", because why not have both?  

What makes our pitted Deglet Nour dates special

The mailman rings the bell and you cannot wait to tear open the KoRo package and sample your snacks? We know that and thought ahead! That's why you get our Deglet Nour dates with no pits, so there is nothing in the way of your snacking! Give our date princess the regular spot in the pantry which she deserves, convince yourself of her irresistible firm and juicy consistency. Simply pure caramel fun and all this with no extra sugar whatsoever! What are you waiting for? Get your 1 kg bulk package of gently dried and honey sweet Deglet Nour dates right now!

Note: Despite high quality standards, the dates may contain occasional seeds.

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1280 /  305
Fat 0 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 73 g
thereof sugar 65 g
Dietary fiber 2.2 g
Protein 2.2 g
Salt 0.05 g
Product number: DATT_001
Origin Tunisia
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335831267
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Please store in a cool and dry place and protect from heat
Ingredients 100% dates Deglet Nour
Best before date 28.05.2024
Trade Name Unpitted Deglet Nout dates
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Questions & answers: Deglet Nour dates without pits 1kg
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Our Deglet Nour dates are not only vegan. They come unsulphured and untreated to your home! Due to their natural sweetness, they are also an excellent substitute for honey in your vegan smoothies - super delicious!
Our Deglet Nour dates are untreated and come completely without additives. You can therefore enjoy our dates in moderation as a sweet snack even during your pregnancy.
You can easily store our gently dried dates at room temperature for over a year. How is that possible? Due to the direct drying after harvesting, our dates arrive with a low water content. The dates become harder with time and lose some of their flavor. However, you can continue to eat them without hesitation. From experience we can tell you one thing: It never comes so far - because with their honey-sweet and almost caramel-like taste it is hard to keep your hands off our dates!
Deglet Nour dates are a firm to the bite and juicy fruit. Their honey-sweet taste makes them ideal as a pure snack. Our secret tip of the day: Dip one (or more) of our dates in hazelnut puree or enjoy them sliced with a walnut kernel. The nutty component enhances the honey-sweet taste of the dates - simply delicious! Because of their high sugar content, dates are also popular as a natural sweetener. You can soak your dates in warm water and then easily puree them. The result: a fine date cream that you can easily portion and use to replace refined sugar in desserts like chocolate brownies. Let your imagination run wild and discover all kinds of recipes with your dates! Have you got a taste for dates? Then try our date assortment from date syrup to date hazelnut cream, you will find everything your heart desires!
Healthy is above all a wholesome and balanced diet. Due to their high sugar content (65.2 g / 100 g) dates are ideal to replace refined sugar in pastries, smoothies or in your homemade nut milk.
We recommend that you store your Deglet Nour dates in a cool and dry place. Protect your dates from heat during storage.
Sure, your four-legged friend can also snack on our dates in moderation. But be careful! Please do not forget to remove the stone before you give your darling the little snack. Since we care about your four-legged companion and dates should only be eaten in moderation, we have developed a grain-free dry food especially for him. Try it out!
You are also sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer endless number of date varieties? We clear up! Dates are divided into two large families: the Medjool family and the rest.Our dates Deglet Nour belong to the Tunisian variety and therefore do not belong to the Medjool family. They stand out from the rest because of their particularly shiny hue. It is not for nothing that the Deglet Nour is also called the "finger of light". When sunlight hits the amber-colored flesh of the fruit, you can see the date pit - simply fantastic! But as beautiful as it is, the Deglet Nour convinces not only with its appearance. Its firm and juicy consistency paired with its honey-sweet aroma makes the Deglet Nour an irresistible seduction. You also find the date theme so exciting? Then find your new favorite date in our date world!
Dates are natural suppliers of energy. Our Deglet Nour dates have 305 kcal per 100 g. Their average fruit weight is a maximum of 7 g. So per piece you get a maximum of 22 kcal.
Dates vs. Medjool dates - the question of all questions. As you know us, we won't leave you out in the cold, so we'll clear things up: Dates are divided into two families - Medjool dates and the rest. Deglet Nour dates are firmer to the bite than Medjool dates. The latter are also usually slightly larger than Deglet Nour dates. The biggest difference is that our Deglet Nour dates are pitted. Therefore, you do not have to hold back when snacking. For children, the seedless dates are the best alternative, as there is no risk of injury or swallowing.
Our Deglet Nour dates are harvested in date groves in sunny Tunisia, hand-picked and carefully packed into the value packs. Arrived in our warehouse they are just waiting to be ordered by you.
You love the combination of the sweetness of the date and the spiciness of the ham so much? Then we have the perfect recipe for your dates wrapped in bacon. This tasty finger food will be the highlight of your next dinner party, KoRo word of honor. The highlight: The ham does it! When choosing the ham, make sure that it is cut into thin slices. Italian prosciutto or black forest is best. Wrap the dates once and the dates wrapped in bacon are ready to unfold their crispy aroma in the oven or on the grill!
Deglet Nour dates without pits 1kg
Deglet Nour dates with pits on the branch 1kg
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Product number DATT_001 DATT_030

Varieties & Origin


The Bonbonera is the freshest date on the market and is characterized by its sweet, fruity and juicy flesh. It has a smooth, soft and thin skin.

Cultivation by country in tons
Country Tons
Ägypten 1590414
Iran 1185165
Algerien 1058559
Saudi-Arabien 754761
Irak 618818
Pakistan 524041
Arabische Emirate 475286
Sudan 439355
Oman 360917
Tunesien 260000
Libyen 174583
China 162041
Marokko 129562
Kuwait 87391
Jemen 47615
Israel 43967
USA 39300
Türkei 38535
Katar 29404
Jordanien 25222
Mauretanien 22029
Tschad 20011
Niger 19186
Somalia 13583
Albanien 12978
Bahrain 10501
Mexiko 8215
Syrien 4309
Spanien 1848
Benin 1406
Kenia 1076
Mali 772
Kamerun 605
Namibia 359
Peru 224
Dschibuti 117
Kolumbien 33

A total of 8.2 million tons of dates were harvested in 2017. The top 10 producers harvested 89 percent of this amount. Most of the dates are processed directly in the countries of origin. Along with the dried fruits, date oil and date liquor are also widely produced.


Jordan Valley

Most of the Medjool dates from Isreal come from the so-called "Jordan Valley". The Jordan is a river surrounded by rock walls. Due to the reflections, the valley reaches temperatures far above 40 degrees Celsius.

Taking care of the vine

Damit die Medjool-Datteln schön groß werden, werden die Reben frühzeitig ausgedünnt. So stehen weniger Datteln einer Rebe in gegenseitiger Konkurrenz und die einzelnen Datteln haben mehr Nährstoffe, um sich voll auszubilden.


Only when the dates are slightly transparent on all sides are they harvested.

Unconventional but a brilliant idea

During our trip to the plantation of "Natura Dates" we met Jeannie. She uses owls to control pests in organic cultivation and thus keeps the date trees healthy.


This is what the Medjool dates look like directly after harvesting.


The Bonbonera is the juiciest of all Medjool dates. It is snap-frozen directly after harvesting and thus skips the drying process.

Drying the dates

Before the Medjool dates are packed in either 1 or 5 kg cartons, they are dried. The sugar concentration increases, which makes the date durable and transportable.

Sorting the dates

After drying, the dates are sorted. A distinction is made between Jumbo, Large and Medium. The general rule is: the bigger, the more expensive! However, the sizes have no difference in taste.

Quality check

The most important quality criterion for Medjool dates is the loose skin rate. It reflects the percentage of flaked date skin. The less, the more expensive.

Price development

This is how the price has developed over time

All data without guarantee!

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Top dates

The dates are very tasty and still somewhat juicy. For smoothies, for baking or sacken great.
Packaging size of 1 kg is great for me!

1-3 star reviews 🙃



Unfortunately not completely satisfied

Unfortunately, I am not so satisfied. Some dates seem very dried up and are quite hard. Taste ok to delicious.

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hallo Johanna, vielen Dank für Deine Bewertung. Es tut uns leid, dass Dir der Geschmack nicht ganz zusagt. Wir geben Dein Feedback natürlich an unseren Lieferanten weiter. Viele Grüße, Dein KoRo team



sorry maar ik haal ze voortaan ergens anders.

De kwaliteit van de dadels in één en dezelfde zak verschilt enorm.
Sommige zijn kurkdroog en vlezig.
Sommige zijn best lekker.



Etwas trockenere, nicht so saftige/ klebrige Datteln.

Machen, was sie sollen: mein Frühstück versüßen. Etwas trockenere, nicht so saftige/ klebrige Datteln, die aber fürs Frühstück und zum Backen/ Pürieren ihren Zweck erfüllen.



Great product

In my alternative to Nutella an absolute must.



juicy & sweet

delicately melting & juicy sweet! bombastic price-performance ratio.



Großartig zu jeder Tageszeit

Ich kaufe diese entsteinten Datteln schon seit langem, denn sie sind nicht mehr wegzudenken. Sie sind lecker, nicht zu süß und es fällt schwer, sich auf eine Handvoll pro Tag zu beschränken.



Large delicious fruit without stei än

delicious with everything especially for dips and kefir



Good snack!

Good processing! Good quality fruit! Can be eaten well as a snack in between, instead of chocolate etc..



Juicy & delicious

Delicious dates. Really juicy and sweet. Super tasty together with the almond paste!



Very fine dates

Good value for money and super quality.



Delicious and everlasting

Since I eat the dates in my family as the only one, I have reached with the kilogram over a year ... super quality from the first to the last date and still very tasty. Will be ordered again regularly :)

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