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Dried pineapple chunks 2 kg


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  • 100 % gently dried pineapple pieces
  • Naturally sweet, without added sugar
  • Source of dietary fibre (9 g/100 g)
  • 2 kg value pack
  • Juicy, delicious snack and tropical topping
Quality: Dried pineapple chunks 2 kg
Variety: Dried pineapple chunks 2 kg

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BBD: 27.09.2023

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Pineapple is so delicious - if it weren't for the annoying peeling. Good news: we've done the peeling for you. All you have to do now is order the pineapple chunks to your home, open the bag and start snacking. It doesn't just sound easy, it is. Let's do it! Buy 2 kg of pure fruit enjoyment in the value pack now.

The pineapple: how it grows

The pineapple originally comes from America and is a member of the Bromeliaceae family. Because demand is so high nowadays, it is now cultivated as a fruit plant in tropical regions all over the world. The pineapple feels really good at a temperature of 24-30 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is below 20 degrees, growth slows down considerably. Temperatures below 21 degrees can already lead to ripening problems during the fruit ripening. This manifests itself as unsightly brown spots. The pineapple is a little diva, you might think, because it also has very specific preferences when it comes to humidity: it should be around 60 percent. This should make it clear that growing your own pineapple indoors or even outdoors in the garden is difficult. Fortunately, you don't have to think about that now anyway: our pineapple chunks in the 2 kg pack provide a solid supply for you!

Pineapple: recipes with the sweet fruit

If you already know our dried pineapple rings or our freeze-dried pineapple, then you already know that they are an ideal snack at work, before or after sports, at school and university or for in between meals. Of course, it's the same with the pineapple chunks. They can not only be enjoyed on their own, but also add a tropical touch to your muesli or porridge. Chopped up, the pineapple chunks are a great base for your home-made pralines, tropical bars or energy balls! You can make delicious pineapple and coconut balls with coconut flour, coconut chips, coconut oil, dates, almonds and the pineapple pieces. Simply mix everything with the dried pineapple, shape into balls and the treats are ready! The pineapple pieces are also a fresh element for hearty dishes such as curries or salads.  KoRo advice: Soak the pineapple in water overnight - it will soften nicely and taste even more intense in the curry. If you can't get enough of the fruity, delicious pineapple flavour, be sure to check out our freeze-dried pineapple powder. The powder simply improves every smoothie and brings a summer feeling into the grass.

Order dried pineapple pieces from KoRo

Our sweet fruits are harvested at optimal ripeness and then gently dried and packaged. This way you can enjoy the delicacy all year round and don't have to wait for the next summer. The yellow fruit pieces are not only delicious, but also have a high fibre content (9 g/100 g). Thanks to their sweetness - provided by Mother Nature - all this is possible without any added sugar! See for yourself and buy your 2 kg supply of dried pineapple chunks in the value pack now.

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1486 / 355
Fat 0 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 82 g
thereof sugar 61 g
Dietary fiber 9.1 g
Protein 2.3 g
Salt 0 g
Product number: ANA_004
Origin Costa Rica
Content 2 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335836767
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Ingredients 100% pineapple
Cross contamination May contain traces of GLUTEN, SOY, MILK (LACTOSE), PEANUTS, NUTS, SESAME and SULFITES.
Best before date 27.09.2023
Trade Name Dried pineapple pieces
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Questions & answers: Dried pineapple chunks 2 kg
Healthy is especially a balanced and wholesome diet. Our dried pineapple slices score not only with pleasure, but also with a high fiber content (9 g/100 g).
Our pineapple comes from Costa Rica. There it is harvested ripe, cut into pieces and then gently dried. Still on site, it is filled into our large advantage pack. Then it makes its way to our warehouse and hopefully soon to your home.
Yes, our dried pineapple pieces are vegan. They are made from 100% pineapple and are completely free of animal ingredients.
You thought you could only make jam with fresh fruit? It can also be done with dried fruit. The easiest way to make jam is to soak the dried pineapple overnight in enough water to soften the pieces and make them easier to puree the next day. As you know us, we also have instructions on how you can make jam yourself.
Big plus: You no longer have to peel your favorite fruit. What's more, our deliciously sweet dried pineapple contains no added sugar and is untreated. The pieces can be snacked on their own, dipped in chocolate or made into bars. Even in savory dishes such as curry, the yellow to slightly brown pineapple pieces are excellent.
You achieve weight loss goals primarily through a calorie deficit. Our pineapple chunks have no added sugar because they already contain sugar naturally and are a great source of fiber (9 g/100 g).
The pineapple (Ananas comosus or Ananas sativus) belongs to the bromeliad family. It originated in the Americas, but is now grown in tropical areas around the world. What many don't know is that it grows terrestrially from the ground. Have you ever wondered what the plural of pineapple is? You're not alone, so we've done some research for you. The answer: both "the pineapple" and "the pineapple" are the correct plural form of the tropical fruit. Again something learned at KoRo ;)
Should your four-legged friend ever steal a few pieces of dried pineapple, this is not a problem. However, you should talk to your veterinarian again. In the meantime, take a look at our dog food range.
We advise you not to do this, because the condensation makes the pineapple soft after thawing and it may start to mold. Since we have already dried the pineapple, you don't need to freeze it anyway - it will keep for a long time anyway due to the drying process.
100 g of our dried pineapple provide 310 kcal. The exact nutritional values can be found as usual next to or below the product description and on the packaging.
Pineapple should only be consumed in moderation during pregnancy. It is best to talk to your doctor about what quantities of our dried pineapple pieces are ideal for you during pregnancy.
In supermarkets, pineapple is available all year round, as it is virtually always imported to Germany. However, the main season for the pineapple is approximately from March to July. In the other months, it may not taste as aromatic and fruity - fortunately, our pineapple is harvested ripe and can be enjoyed by you all year round due to the drying process.
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52 Reviews

Fatih A.  | 18.07.2022


really very authentic...

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Jürgen J.  | 04.07.2022

Super tasty, very juicy

Great quality, tasty and juicy. Too bad you can not reseal the bag (like most other goods).

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Elena S.  | 22.04.2022

Taste guz


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Beate E.  | 12.04.2022

Healthy snacking at a great price!

From it you get addicted!A great substitute for sweets! Quality is excellent and the price is absolutely fine!

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Begoña E.  | 06.04.2022


Está buenísima, dulce pero no mucho, y con un puntiiito ácido como toca en una piña. Para picar entre horas estupenda

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Claudia E.  | 06.04.2022

Getrocknete Ananasstücke 2 kg

Auch diese schmecken ausgezeichnet - gut, süss und saftig! Ich esse sie als abendlichen Snack im Bett. Sie schmecken total fruchtig. Die besten Ananas die ich bis dato gegessen habe.

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Anonymous  | 20.02.2022

Lecker und gut

Ananasstücke in guter Qualität. Manchmal miteinander verklebt und etwas kleine Stücke. Sehr lecker.

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Anonymous  | 18.02.2022

Fruity, aromatic - really tasty

The pineapple chunks were well shrink-wrapped and compactly packaged with the other items. They are super fruity, aromatic, slightly sour and a good alternative to apple rings or mango strips. I will definitely order the product again.

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Anonymous  | 03.02.2022



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Anonymous  | 03.02.2022

Top quality

Top quality

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