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  • 100% natural and unprocessed
  • No aditives
  • Free of colouring
  • Fine salt crystals from Northern Pakistan
  • Ideal to refine all types of dishes
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Sweet or salty? Chocolate or crisps? Ask us something easier! One thing is clear, though: without salt, even your favourite dish looks bland and boring. Why is that? Salt gives your food the necessary depth and really sets off the flavour of other ingredients. A pinch of salt et voilà, and even the most monotonous dish becomes a real treat. Buy our fine crystal salt in the 1 kg value pack now!

Crystal salt, Himalayan salt or rock salt?

All three terms are used as synonyms and are therefore correct. However, rock salt can also be used as a general generic term because it primarily describes the type of salt. But beware: just as not every stone is a gemstone, not all rock salt is Himalayan or crystal salt. Many people find the term Himalayan salt misleading. But why actually? The Himalayas are the second largest mountain range in the world and stretch partly across Pakistan. However, the salt mines from which the salt is extracted are located further south and not in the Himalayas themselves. In order to avoid confusion about the origin of our salt, we have therefore decided to use the third name. The crystal salt from KoRo comes from a chain of hills in the north of Pakistan, about 200 km from the Himalayas.

Using crystal salt

Crystal salt is considered a real all-rounder and is mainly used as table salt. With its mild aroma, it gently caresses and enhances the flavour of various dishes. It even adds a pleasant spiciness to desserts, such as your morning chocolate croissant. Because our crystal salt is already finely granulated, it no longer needs to be ground and dissolves wonderfully. This makes it ideal for baking, but also for refining cold dishes such as dips or vinaigrettes. In addition to our fine-grained all-rounder, we also have pyramid salt in our range, make sure to try it!

Pink salt crystals

... sounds almost like a fairy tale, doesn't it? Fittingly, the naturally coloured rosy-pink salt crystals sparkle like the stones of a princess's tiara. The natural colouring is caused by iron ions in the salt stone. This is fortunate, because painting every single grain of salt would drive us insane. The pinkish hue makes the crystal salt a real eye-catcher. Your kitchen could use a little colour? Then pimp your spice rack with KoRo's pink crystal salt!

Buy crystal salt: genuine, natural, unprocessed

Diamonds are made under pressure - or in our case in a foothill of the Himalayas. What's more, our fine salt crystals, unlike the shiny rock on your finger, are as natural and unprocessed as they can be. Without the addition of separating agents found in many other salts, the crystals are bagged and refine any dish in the blink of an eye. Simple, delicious and 100 % natural. So go ahead - order our fine rock salt quickly and a whole kilo of pink sparkling crystals will be on your doorstep very soon!

Product number: SALZ_001
Origin Pakistan
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335837306
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool, dry place, away from light
Ingredients 100% crystal salt
Cross contamination May contain traces of MUSTARD
Trade Name Crystal salt
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Questions & answers: Fine crystal salt 1 kg
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QUALITY is literally capitalized with us! That is why our fine crystal salt from the mountains comes directly into the bag - and to your home. At least almost: It is so that even salt for consumption must still be slightly processed. Specifically, it is pounded, (dried) and sieved. But that's it, we do not stretch our high-quality crystal salt in any case: Refine your dishes with 100% natural, preferably untreated salt.
Not all salt is the same - there are also quality differences in this all-round spice. As a rule of thumb, the more natural and pure a salt is, the higher the quality and the more intense the taste. Fortunately, our crystal salt is natural and packaged as untreated as possible. It offers an all-around natural taste that makes even the spice-shy among us reach for the salt shaker.
Yes - the pink to pink coloring of the crystal salt is caused by iron ions in the salt stone. This natural coloring makes the crystal salt a real eye-catcher in your spice rack. We have not helped, great KoRo word of honor.
Crystal salt, often also called Himalayan salt, is considered a real all-rounder and is mainly used as table salt. With its special aroma, it enhances the inherent flavor of various dishes and even adds a pleasant spice to desserts, such as the morning chocolate croissant. The crystal salt can also be used as a scrub or bath additive, for which KoRo's coarse crystal salt may be even better suited.
Breaking News: Salt tastes salty! Among our salt experts, however, it is said that crystal salt has a comparably mild taste. It is therefore also suitable for our salt beginners and refines each of your favorite dishes with ease.
Our crystal salt comes from a range of hills in northern Pakistan, about 200 km from the Himalayas.
No - there are basically three different forms of salt: rock salt, evaporated salt and sea salt. The names of these types of salt refer to the respective mining method. Crystal salt belongs to the genus of rock salt, which is extracted in mines.
Healthy is first and foremost a balanced and needs-based diet. In addition to sodium, KoRo crystal salt also contains potassium, calcium and chloride. What does it mean? Potassium contributes to a normal function of the nervous system, a normal muscle function, as well as to the maintenance of a normal blood pressure. Calcium, on the other hand, contributes to normal blood clotting, normal energy metabolism, and is needed to maintain normal bones and teeth. Chloride contributes to the production of hydrochloric acids in the stomach for normal digestion.
Fine crystal salt 1 kg
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Verhältnis stimmt !

Gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis und absolut lohnenswert bei so einem täglich gebrauchten Lebensmittel wie Salz

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Super supplier

Uncomplicated ordering process, Fast shipping and securely packaged.

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Stefan H.


Tastes very good, top quality.

The salt tastes very good and has a top quality.

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Furkan K.


Super salt with flavor and extremely cheap

Super salt! Brings an extra flavor to the food. Also very inexpensive.

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Nicole C.


Gute Qualität und praktisches Format.

Dieses rosafarbene Salz ist gut. Dank seines praktischen Formats lässt es sich leicht aufbewahren, wenn es vor der Feuchtigkeit einer Küche geschützt ist;

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Sehr gut


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Highly recommended!

Koro is the No.1!

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Je recommande

Ich liebe es und bin ein absoluter Fan meiner Rezepte.

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Always a pleasure!

Very good price-performance ratio. Great product. Fast processing.

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My new salt

Very balanced
I am a salt lover and I was looking for a virtuous table salt. It seems that I found it.

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