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In our DIYs you will find usefull tips and tricks on being a champion in the kitchen.We also want to show you little life hacks that you can use to impress your friends. 

🗓 28/10/2019

Make your own roasted almonds

Alongside candy floss and popcorn, roasted almonds are probably one of the most popular sweets at fairs. Especially at Christmas markets, visitors enjoy the crunchy-sweet delicacy, preferably still warm. If the next market is still a long way off and you can't wait any longer, find out now how you can make them yourself at home.

👤 Anna-Lena Jacques

🗓 06/09/2019

Weeds - yes please!

Here you can find out what you can get out of dandelions, nettles and the like.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 29/08/2019

Make your own summer drinks

30 degrees, sunshine and relaxation in the park - what's missing? A refreshing, summery drink. Find out how to make your own summer drinks here.

👤 Sarah Klein

🗓 19/08/2019

Drinks with coconut water

Coconut water - THE refreshing drink par excellence. Here are a few ideas on how you can mix delicious drinks with it.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 26/07/2019

Sweet dishes with sweet potatoes

Sweet potato dishes don't always have to be savory. The tuber is also suitable for sweet dishes such as cakes, pancakes or cookies.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 24/07/2019

Homemade ice cream

Summer, sun and a cool ice cream - that makes the day perfect! Find out how to make your own ice cream in this article.

👤 Sarah Klein

🗓 18/07/2019

What else you can do with rice pudding

Rice pudding is a true soul food - whether with warm cherries or with cinnamon and sugar. It reminds us of childhood and cold days. But rice pudding can do even more!

👤 Sarah Klein

🗓 16/07/2019

Sushi – do it yourself

This article will help you to make your first sushi yourself. We also give you a few ideas to spice up your maki.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 05/07/2019

What do I do with matcha?

Everything green: cooking, baking, drinking and more! We have ideas on what else you can do with the green powder.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 29/05/2019

Selfmade Sencha Icetea

When it's hot, you usually feel like having a cool drink: summer is iced tea time! Sencha tea is perfect for this.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 10/04/2019

More than just a pancake topping: ideas for using maple syrup

When you think of maple syrup, do you automatically think of a steaming mountain of warm pancakes with golden syrup dripping from them? We feel the same way! In this article, you can find out which other dishes you can sweeten with maple syrup.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 18/03/2019

Make your own muesli bars

Muesli bars are a great snack between meals! We'll tell you how to make them yourself here.

👤 Sarah Klein

🗓 29/01/2019

Apple rings

Not all apple rings are the same. You can buy them in soft or crunchy form, both sweetened and unsweetened. We introduce you to our apple rings and chips from your KoRo drugstore and show you how to make them yourself!

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 24/12/2018

Superfood mulled wine

No Christmas market without mulled wine! Find out everything you need to know about making your own mulled wine and how to turn it into a real superfood here.

👤 Sarah Klein

🗓 21/12/2018

Vegetarian feast for Christmas Eve

Christmas goose, turkey or pot roast - traditional Christmas cuisine tends to be meat-heavy. We have put together a tasty meat-free alternative menu for the holidays.

👤 Sarah Klein