In our Knowledge section, we want to pass on our know-how about the products in our shop. So you can be smart-assed to no end the next time you cook or bake together.

🗓 22/03/2023

Shrinkflation - when companies trick with packaging sizes

Inflation accompanies us to the supermarket: it's not just a feeling that everything is twice as expensive and the shopping basket remains only half as full. What some companies then do is called shrinkflation. Contents shrink while the packaging remains the same size.

👤 Hannah Rieder

🗓 12/12/2022

Creatine: What's behind it?

Suddenly you see it everywhere, everyone takes it and you should swallow it best every day: Creatine. But what is actually behind the white powder? And what can it really do?

👤 Tara Rezaie Farmand

🗓 30/11/2022


Unterleibsschmerzen, Stimmungsschwankungen, R├╝ckenschmerzen und ├ťbelkeit. Die Liste an Menstruationssymptomen ist lang. Die meisten Menschen mit Uterus erfahren diese Symptome regelm├Ą├čig. Aber was hat die Ern├Ąhrung eigentlich mit der Menstruation zu tun? Und kann sie sogar dabei helfen, diese Symptome zu lindern?

👤 Tara Rezaie Farmand

🗓 02/11/2022

The Glutamate Fear or the "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

"Chinese restaurant syndrome" - that's supposed to be a medical term? In advance: No, it is not! But then how did an accumulation of various symptoms get this name? Here is a little story about glutamate.

👤 Tara Rezaie Farmand

🗓 28/10/2022

Why don't I get my period?

Trigger warning: This text is about topics such as amenorrhea, sports addiction and eating disorders. If you feel triggered by these topics, please click away or read the article in the presence of someone you feel comfortable with. Be sure to seek psychological help or support from experts.

👤 Sanja Middeldorf, Tara Rezaie Farmand

🗓 27/10/2022

"No" to drinking - how does that work?

In our generation, drinking alcohol is usually part of the fun. Going out to celebrate? We drink. A concert or festival? We drink. Going home from work? We drink. It's hard to imagine our culture of celebration and leisure without alcoholic beverages. But what happens when you don't feel like drinking?

👤 Sanja Middeldorf, Tara Rezaie Farmand

🗓 13/04/2022

KoRo Women's Run 2022 - Nutrition for endurance athletes:inside

Sports shoes on and go! On May 14, the KoRo Women's Run will take place in Berlin. Under the motto "Running against cancer - by strong women, for strong women" thousands of women and girls meet for the annual fundraising run. Over the distance of 5 or 10 kilometers, they jog, run or walk. We have summarized for you here what the right preparation for such an endurance exercise looks like and whether there are certain nutrients that you should take in during the run.

👤 Lynn Zimmermann

🗓 14/02/2022 👌 Simple

Stories about good food, friendship and love

Tastes are known to be different and modern forms of nutrition hardly know any boundaries. But the fact is, we all need to eat. As a basic physical need, it is unavoidable. But if we're honest, it's one thing above all - delicious! Even more: Eating is fun, brings people together and tells the best life stories. Would you like a taste? We offer you a whole buffet!

👤 Lara Olkner

🗓 18/01/2022 👌 Simple

Sushi: All about origin, types and preparation

"You are what you eat" - no saying is more applicable than this one when rolling home after the all you can eat sushi buffet. But where does this popular dish come from, what do you need to prepare it and how do you actually eat it RIGHT? questions upon questions. Luckily we have the answers ready!

👤 Lara Olkner

🗓 28/12/2021 👌 Simple

 Veganuary 2022 - A Vegan "Full Day of Eating"

Swing the cooking apron, today we feast vegan! We start the new year with you completely plant-based and take part in the Veganuary 2022. Vegan cooking, baking and eating will take place throughout January. We show you that plant-based nutrition can also be incredibly tasty and varied. We have selected great recipes from our Food Journal and put together a "Full Day of Eating" food plan. Vegan diet: Challenge accepted!

👤 Sophia Grabendorfer

🗓 07/10/2021 👌 Simple

The solution to all puzzles

Our CEO Piran knows the answer to many things. But when it came to the puzzles he created himself for our shipping boxes, he needed some outside help. Here you can find the solutions.

👤 Ansgar Dietrichs

🗓 27/07/2021 👌 Simple

Why do some jars make a popping sound when opened and others do not?

You bought a nut puree in a jar and wonder why there was no plopping sound when you first opened it? This is not because the product was already opened, but because of the type of sealing that KoRo uses for many products in jars.

👤 annesophie

🗓 14/04/2021 👌 Simple

Coke in the morning, beer after work in the evening: the dark side of gastronomy

Wollen wir nicht alle nach einem langen, harten Arbeitstag den Job f├╝r einen Moment vergessen? Uns entspannen, mit Freund:innen und Familie die Zeit genie├čen? Doch was, wenn die Arbeit den Gro├čteil des Tages einnimmt und die Zeit, die au├čerhalb der Schicht bleibt kaum reicht, um genug Schlaf zu bekommen. Manchmal vergessen wir, dass die Arbeit einen gr├Â├čeren Einfluss auf das Leben und die t├Ąglichen Entscheidungen hat als wir denken.

👤 annesophie

🗓 29/03/2021 👌 Simple

The KoRo Office: A look behind the scenes

In the heart of Berlin is a pretty old building with three kitchens and a shower - and this is where KoRo? employees work. In this article, you can find out how our daily office routine works here and why our employees are in snack heaven.

👤 Bianca Heidt

🗓 29/03/2021 👌 Simple

KoRo goes Berlin weekly market, you too?

Why we as an online store have been offline for quite some time and how, where and when exactly you can find us, you will find out in this article.

👤 Bianca Heidt