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Food Journal

In our blog you will find everything you need to know about food. We present unique recipes that we have developed in cooperation with talents and KoRo fans, and in our interviews you will get new impressions on the topics of healthy nutrition and starting a business.

🗓 18/11/2022


Hmm you can literally smell the smell of apple and cinnamon at the sight - heavenly!

👤 Laura Köppen

🗓 15/02/2022 🕒 20 Minutes 👌 Simple

Salmon in sesame sauce with broccoli and rice

We all know it - the typical after-work fatigue that spoils any desire to cook after a long day at work. But how to fill the well-known hole in the stomach? The salmon in sesame sauce with broccoli and rice is not only quickly prepared, but also a real treat. Fix cooked the rice, broccoli and salmon thrown into the Airfryer and drizzled with sesame sauce - so tastes the best after work!

👤 Lisa Neubacher

🗓 15/02/2022 🕒 30 Minutes 👍 Medium

Vegan seitan vegetable stew

Stews are versatile soul warmers and know how to seduce us, especially in the cold season. The rich classics are not only warming, but also filling and usually uncomplicated to prepare. The vegan seitan vegetable stew offers you a delicious change to grandma's lentil stew.

👤 Amelie

🗓 16/09/2021 🕒 20 Minutes 👌 Simple

Thai green curry

You need a change from red or yellow curry? Then this recipe is just right for you.

👤 Teresa

🗓 29/06/2021 🕒 45 Minutes 👍 Medium

Asparagus risotto with lemon

The fruity spring version of the risotto classic

👤 Schwesternkochen

🗓 09/06/2021 🕒 30 Minutes 👌 Simple

Eggs in mustard sauce

Perhaps the best use for mustard!

👤 Annabell

🗓 10/05/2021 🕒 20 Minutes 👌 Simple

Vegan sausage salad

Sausage salad is also vegan! Try the delicious recipe but times.

👤 Celine

🗓 10/05/2021 🕒 20 Minutes 👌 Simple

Creamy pea soup

For all soup fans - The perfect pea soup!

👤 Sophia

🗓 26/04/2021 🕒 20 Minutes 👌 Simple

Oriental couscous salad

A fresh salad for warm days!

👤 Arzu

🗓 26/04/2021 🕒 10 Minutes 👌 Simple

Oil free basil walnut pesto

Ever made pesto without oil? We show you the delicious recipe!

👤 Kim-Luis

🗓 12/04/2021 🕒 60 Minutes 👍 Medium

Fennel pears cheese gratin

For all fennel & pear lovers the perfect recipe!

👤 Dergartenkanal

🗓 06/04/2021 🕒 45 Minutes 👌 Simple

Legume falafel

We have falafel! But not the well-known with chickpeas, no, today with KoRos colorful legume mix. More precisely, lentils, chickpeas and garden peas bring color into your kitchen.

👤 Lukas

🗓 18/03/2021 🕒 45 Minutes 👍 Medium

Ratatouille Shakshuka

Ratatouille and shakshuka in one dish? This can only be delicious!

👤 Annabell

🗓 15/03/2021 🕒 45 Minutes 👍 Medium

Vegetarian ragout fin

You do not want to eat meat, but you feel like ragout fin? We have the solution for you!

👤 Amelie

🗓 03/03/2021 🕒 30 Minutes 👌 Simple

Garlic Ginger Tofu

Delicious spiced tofu with fresh ginger flavor!

👤 Victor