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Food Journal

In our blog you will find everything you need to know about food. We present unique recipes that we have developed in cooperation with talents and KoRo fans, and in our interviews you will get new impressions on the topics of healthy nutrition and starting a business.

🗓 13/04/2022

KoRo Women's Run 2022 - Nutrition for endurance athletes:inside

Sports shoes on and go! On May 14, the KoRo Women's Run will take place in Berlin. Under the motto "Running against cancer - by strong women, for strong women" thousands of women and girls meet for the annual fundraising run. Over the distance of 5 or 10 kilometers, they jog, run or walk. We have summarized for you here what the right preparation for such an endurance exercise looks like and whether there are certain nutrients that you should take in during the run.

👤 Lynn Zimmermann

🗓 16/11/2020 🕒 5 Minutes 👌 Simple

Golden milk

This golden milk is not only extremely delicious, but also strengthens your immune system.

👤 Luisa

🗓 28/04/2020 👌 Simple

Matcha varieties in comparison

Matcha has different quality levels. In this article we explain to you what it is all about.

👤 Caroline Loße

🗓 11/03/2020 👌 Simple

Good reasons to drink carrot juice

How you can easily cover your vitamin A needs with a plant-based diet, you will learn here!

👤 Caroline Loße

🗓 01/03/2020 🕒 5 Minutes 👌 Simple

Ginger Lemon Energy Booster

The ideal pick-me-up for the immune system in colder temperatures.

👤 Ann-Kathrin Graser

🗓 24/01/2020 🕒 10 Minutes 👌 Simple

Mai Tai Margarita Cocktail

This is what summer tastes like... and in winter it's a great reminder of summer: The Mai Tai Margarita Cocktail!

👤 Ann-Kathrin Graser

🗓 03/01/2020 👌 Simple

Ginger in the cold season

Have you ever eaten raw ginger? Especially in the current cold season, your immune system can benefit from it and be strengthened.

👤 Caroline Loße

🗓 12/11/2019 🕒 5 Minutes 👌 Simple

Golden milk

Chai Latte, Matcha Latte, Pumpkin Spice Latte and now, also known as Golden Milk, the Turmeric Latte. But what is this again? We'll help you out, track down the new trend, and also show you how to stir up your own.

👤 Shannon Stegmann

🗓 09/06/2019 🕒 10 Minutes 👌 Simple

Hemp drink

You do not tolerate lactose or casein? There are now many plant-based alternatives to milk. Thanks to this recipe, you can try a plant-based drink with hemp.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 13/02/2019 🕒 180 Minutes 👍 Medium

Make oat drink yourself

Meanwhile, the amount of alternatives to cow's milk has increased insanely. Today we introduce you to oat drink and show you how you can make the plant-based milk substitute yourself.

👤 Sarah Klein

🗓 24/12/2018 👌 Simple

Superfood mulled wine

No Christmas market without mulled wine! Everything you need to know about making mulled wine yourself and how it becomes a real superfood you can learn here.

👤 Sarah Klein

🗓 20/11/2018 🕒 5 Minutes 👌 Simple

Matcha Latte

So simple and yet so perfect to start the day. If you want to take a break from coffee, you should opt for the Matcha alternative!

👤 Shannon Stegmann

🗓 15/11/2018 🕒 5 Minutes 👌 Simple

Matcha Latte

So simple and yet the perfect way to start the day awake. Who wants to give coffee a break, should reach for the alternative Matcha!

👤 Shannon Stegmann

🗓 14/11/2018 🕒 5 Minutes 👌 Simple

Matcha Latte

So simple and yet the perfect way to start the day awake. If you want to take a break from coffee, you should go for the alternative Matcha!

👤 Shannon Stegmann

🗓 10/11/2018 🕒 5 Minutes 👌 Simple

Dragon fruit smoothie jars

A dream in a glass. The dragon fruit brings an exotic kick to your dessert or breakfast. With just a few steps you can conjure up something very special in no time.

👤 Caroline Loße