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Food Journal

In our blog you will find everything you need to know about food. We present unique recipes that we have developed in cooperation with talents and KoRo fans, and in our interviews you will get new impressions on the topics of healthy nutrition and starting a business.

🗓 18/11/2022


Hmm you can literally smell the smell of apple and cinnamon at the sight - heavenly!

👤 Laura Köppen

🗓 11/11/2022

Tiramisu Tower

What's better than tiramisu? Here we have a slightly different, protein-rich variant that still tastes incredibly delicious! Give it a try.

👤 Maren Braust

🗓 13/04/2022

KoRo Women's Run 2022 - Nutrition for endurance athletes:inside

Sports shoes on and go! On May 14, the KoRo Women's Run will take place in Berlin. Under the motto "Running against cancer - by strong women, for strong women" thousands of women and girls meet for the annual fundraising run. Over the distance of 5 or 10 kilometers, they jog, run or walk. We have summarized for you here what the right preparation for such an endurance exercise looks like and whether there are certain nutrients that you should take in during the run.

👤 Lynn Zimmermann

🗓 10/11/2021 🕒 25 Minutes 👌 Simple

Curd dumplings

The speculaas cream filling of these pot dumplings will perfectly round off your current pre-Christmas mood.

👤 Lisa

🗓 08/11/2021 🕒 80 Minutes 👌 Simple

Pumpkin Protein Cheesecake

Just about anything can be conjured up with pumpkin - even a cheesecake!

👤 Lisa

🗓 03/11/2021 🕒 15 Minutes 👌 Simple

Protein vanilla waffles

After sports a treatment with the extra portion of protein? The vanilla protein waffles are just the thing!

👤 Larissa Henrich

🗓 02/11/2021 🕒 10 Minutes 👌 Simple


You can never have enough snack balls! For a change in flavor Cookie Dough?

👤 Michelle

🗓 24/10/2021 🕒 15 Minutes 👌 Simple

Grinch Finger

Creepy only goes on Halloween? Not quite - try these Grinch Fingers at the next Christmas party.

👤 Lena

🗓 24/10/2021 🕒 30 Minutes 👍 Medium


Spooky food for Halloween? But that doesn't mean it shouldn't taste good too! The vegan Halloween cake can do both!

👤 Lena

🗓 14/07/2021 🕒 180 Minutes 👌 Simple

Chocolate quark bar

Perfect for a workout!

👤 Amelie

🗓 23/06/2021 🕒 30 Minutes 👌 Simple

Lentil Quinoa Salad

A colorful salad that provides you with protein and is quick to prepare

👤 Mariell

🗓 19/04/2021 🕒 60 Minutes 👌 Simple

Egg white chocolate cake

This moist chocolate cake is bursting with protein content and lets you feast without remorse.

👤 Pia Sickinger

🗓 18/04/2021 🕒 30 Minutes 👌 Simple

Protein banana muffins

Can you imagine a banana bread in muffin form? It actually works!

👤 Theresa

🗓 19/01/2021 🕒 45 Minutes 👌 Simple

Kamut noodles with beet & lupine tempeh

Kamut is a European ancient grain with 20-40% more protein than wheat and provides energy for longer. My tip: a good vegan bolognese takes time, it's best to prepare it a day in advance so that it can infuse overnight.

👤 Michael Dietz

🗓 11/01/2021 🕒 10 Minutes 👌 Simple

Protein Porridge

A delicious breakfast, which gives you enough power for the day.

👤 Laura