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Food Journal

In our blog you will find everything you need to know about food. We present unique recipes that we have developed in cooperation with talents and KoRo fans, and in our interviews you will get new impressions on the topics of healthy nutrition and starting a business.

🗓 04/05/2022

Vegan goulash

A real Sunday dinner, but of course perfect for any other day of the week - vegan goulash!

👤 Natascha Urich

🗓 28/04/2022

Pea soup

A creamy, vegan and delicious soup with few ingredients that not only looks healthy, but is.

👤 Anne-Sophie Hoffmann

🗓 15/02/2022 🕒 30 Minutes 👍 Medium

Vegan seitan vegetable stew

Stews are versatile soul warmers and know how to seduce us, especially in the cold season. The rich classics are not only warming, but also filling and usually uncomplicated to prepare. The vegan seitan vegetable stew offers you a delicious change to grandma's lentil stew.

👤 Amelie

🗓 14/02/2022 🕒 15 Minutes 👍 Medium

Old Viennese potato soup

Traditional soup for the cold season.

👤 Lisa Neubacher

🗓 15/09/2021 🕒 30 Minutes 👌 Simple

Red lentils dal

Vegan Indian cuisine? Yes, please!

👤 Anouk

🗓 10/05/2021 🕒 20 Minutes 👌 Simple

Creamy pea soup

For all soup fans - The perfect pea soup!

👤 Sophia

🗓 23/02/2021 🕒 45 Minutes 👌 Simple

Curried comfort soup

A delicious soup for a relaxing afternoon

👤 Nikita

🗓 30/10/2020 🕒 40 Minutes 👌 Simple

Vegan pumpkin soup

This pumpkin soup is prepared in no time and is ideal for when visitors are on the doorstep.

👤 Lukas

🗓 26/10/2020 🕒 40 Minutes 👌 Simple

Pumpkin soup

What's better than a warm pumpkin soup in the fall?

👤 Kaa

🗓 22/01/2020 🕒 30 Minutes 👌 Simple

Turkish lentil soup

Mercimek Çorbası - A Turkish lentil soup that brings a touch of the Orient to your soup plate!

👤 Shannon Stegmann

🗓 05/12/2019 🕒 30 Minutes 👌 Simple

Hokkaido pumpkin soup

This Hokkaido pumpkin soup not only warms nicely from the inside, but it also makes you really full due to the carrots.

👤 Ann-Kathrin Graser

🗓 22/09/2019 🕒 25 Minutes 👌 Simple

Pumpkin and potato soup

Autumn is soup time. With this recipe you are optimally prepared for the harvest season.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 20/04/2019 🕒 20 Minutes 👌 Simple

Fiery lentil soup

With lentils, ginger and spices of your choice, you can quickly prepare a fiery soup.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 10/03/2019 🕒 35 Minutes 👌 Simple

Ginger lentil soup

This protein-rich lentil-based soup is full of vegetables and herbs. For a slightly spicy taste, provides the included ginger.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 09/02/2019 🕒 30 Minutes 👍 Medium

Lasagna soup

Today you don't have to choose between lasagna or soup. In this recipe you will find both dishes combined. A vegan dish to try out!

👤 Laura Wittmann