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Admittedly, gift vouchers are often not very original and can even be boring. But you know what we find even lamer? Material gifts that nobody needs! Gifts that end up in boxes and are only taken out when the giver comes to visit. Gift vouchers have their raison d'être as more than just last-minute gifts. A gift voucher can trigger a dance of joy. And let's face it, some gift vouchers may be boring, but as soon as you see the name KoRo on the voucher, you know it is anything but that! No matter whether you print out the gift voucher or send the lovingly designed PDF file by e-mail - from now on you can look forward to unexpected birthdays, Christmas and housewarming parties with confidence, because the perfect surprise is only a few clicks away: buy KoRo gift vouchers online now!

Redeem your gift voucher and discover the KoRo range

Edible gifts are our favourite! As real foodies, we would certainly raid the snack selection if we got a gift voucher. We would then go for the nut butters and finally find some chocolate covered fruit. You can of course also go for our non-food products. Along with all types of kitchen appliances and tools, you will also find hygiene products and toys in this category. Wan't to send a few KoRo products together with the voucher? Have a look at our present ideas! Something which we can recommend for anyone reading this: grab a jar of our date and hazelnut spread, our bestseller is always a great choice!

Giving a KoRo voucher – how it works

We want to offer the greatest possible flexibility and at the same time make the voucher purchase as clear and easy as possible. If you want to surprise a friend, colleague or partner with a KoRo voucher, you have two options: Either you choose a voucher with a predefined value (in which case you are in the right place) or you choose a gift voucher with an personalised value. In any case, you can select your preferred design and leave a personal note on the respective product page before purchasing. You will then always receive an e-mail with an attractively designed PDF file. In addition to the voucher value and your (optional) message, you will find the voucher code to enter in the KoRo online shop. You then have the option of simply forwarding the digital gift voucher to the chosen person. Alternatively, you can print out the gift voucher and give it as a paper gift.

Buy a KoRo voucher online

A gift voucher for the KoRo online shop is much more than an unimaginative gift. KoRo stands for a shared love of high-quality food, for cooking, baking, snacking, trying things out together - and for innovative outside-the-box thinking. Hardly anything says "I like you" more than sharing your favourite snacks. And hardly anything connects more than eating together. We believe that like-minded company is as necessary to life as the nutrients contained in food. And we believe that a gift voucher from KoRo is a great gesture of love and care for your loved ones. This way, the recipient can first enjoy your attention, and then all the favourite products they have chosen themselves from the KoRo online shop. Give away sincere joy and culinary pleasure: Order online gift vouchers from KoRo now!

Product number: GIFT_VOUCHER
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 2500338273537
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
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Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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We have compiled many different attentions for all budgets in ourgift ideas category. A varied selection of bars and trial sizes are also available for purchase in the form of our"KoRo in a Nutshell" gift box. If you want to make your favorite person happy for a long time, you can also consider a KoRo Abo Box subscription with your individual desired duration.
Yes, you can personalize your KoRo gift certificate with a personal message.
You will not receive a plastic card, as you know it from vouchers from the supermarket, when you buy our voucher. Our voucher will be sent to you as a PDF file. The voucher has DIN A5 size; you can print it on A4 and fold it to card size (A6). Due to our attractive designs and your (optional) imprinted message, the KoRo gift voucher also makes a wonderful card for various occasions.
The KoRo gift certificate is redeemable for an unlimited period of time.
Nothing and no one is perfectly sustainable. Our value voucher can be more sustainable than other gifts in any case: Imagine buying a nonsensical plastic gift to put down instead. The gift voucher can be used, for example, to choose food that the person receiving the gift might have bought somewhere anyway. Our bulk packs often save climate-damaging CO₂ emissions compared to smaller sachets. To save paper, you can simply forward the beautifully designed PDF file containing the voucher code by e-mail.
A value voucher can be the perfect (last minute) gift in many situations. Whether for a birthday, a housewarming, a farewell, Mother's Day, Easter or Christmas - the KoRo voucher, which can be purchased online, offers the recipient the opportunity to choose from a wide range of food and non-food products.
You will receive your KoRo gift voucher by e-mail a few minutes after completing your order. You can then print out the lovingly designed PDF file or forward the digital voucher to the person of your choice. Important: The voucher will only be sent to you digitally and not in paper form.
To buy a KoRo value voucher, first select your desired amount and your favorite design and (optionally) enter a message (in the form of congratulations, a thank you note or other kind words) in the corresponding field on the product page. Then add the coupon to your shopping cart and complete the order as usual at checkout. The coupon will then be configured with your selected design and amount and shortly thereafter sent as a PDF file to the email address you provided during checkout.
Looking for a gift idea for your favorite person and online gift finders only deliver stereotypical, loveless garbage? We got you: Our gift certificates are equally suitable for women, men and non-binary people. Much more decisive than the (biological) gender is the love for food, for (culinary) pleasure and for high-quality food. It doesn't matter if gourmet and fine food products like ourDry Gin are objects of desire for your friends, colleagues or family members. Or whether practical substitutes from ourvegan product variety are preferred. As a rapidly expanding online store, we also already carry a wide, steadily growing selection of items that go beyond pure food products - but where we also shortcut retail chains to offer you and your gift recipients the best quality at the best prices. Finally try thedate-hazelnut cream orbuy durable wooden building blocks with the value voucher for the children - the KoRo voucher stands for variety, as we do.
Once your voucher order is complete, it will be configured with your selected design and value and sent as a PDF file to the email address you provided when placing your order within minutes.
The gift voucher is placed in the shopping cart like all other KoRo products and paid for at the checkout. All commonpayment methods are available to you. Since the gift voucher is sent exclusively in digital form, there are no shipping costs.
The KoRo gift voucher is redeemable exclusively in the KoRo online store.
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8 Reviews



Estela B.


Un acierto total

Esta genial como idea de regalo a mi hijo le encantó

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Melanie J.


Würde ich immer wieder verschenken!

Der Gutschein war als Weihnachtsgeschenk gedacht und kam sehr gut an!

2 people found this information helpful

Katrin C.


keine freie Höhe wählbar, aber unkompliziert per pdf erhalten

leider keine flexible Höhe wählbar

2 people found this information helpful

Katrin K.


Schnelles Geschenk

Einfache Abwicklung und der Gutschein kam direkt im Anschluss an die Bestellung als PDF per Mail.
Für Leute, die kein Last Minute-Geschenk kaufen, wäre eine Option als Karte mit Versand schön.

3 people found this information helpful

Hugo T.


Great Idea!

Really nice present for family or friends. Can also be used for office events!

4 people found this information helpful

Janka P.


Viel zu lange Lieferung per DHL

Ein Online Gutschein und dann über 2 Wochen Lieferung

9 people found this information helpful

Anja H.


freie Auswahl zum Geburtstag

Ich habe diesen Gutschein einer Freundin zum Geburtstag geschenkt. Kostproben einzelner Produkte hatte ich ihr schon mal zukommen lassen und war auf Begeisterung gestoßen. Daher lag die Idee nah und kam auch gut an.
Der Code für den Gutschein wurde per Email versandt. Doch gab es noch eine weitere Email, dass die Bestellung unterwegs sei. Das wurde selbst in der DHL-App angezeigt und hat mich kurzzeitig irritiert. Ansonsten empfehlenswert!

3 people found this information helpful

Joanna F.


Tolle Geschenk Idee

Tolle Geschenk Idee

3 people found this information helpful

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