🗓 12/08/2020 👤 Kaa 🕒 20 Minutes 👌 Simple

Coconut berries dessert

This coconut berry dessert is the perfect combination of fruity and fresh that will make your summer days a little sweeter.

Coconut berries dessert



Step 1

Whip the low-fat quark with the flavor powder, water and guar gum in a mixer.

Step 2

Puree the berries, then layer them in a dessert glass. First, add about 60g per glass of low-fat curd, then some of the frozen berries, soy protein crispies and then the low-fat curd again.

Step 3

Finish with a spoonful of the pureed berries and decorate as desired. I took a Toffee Protein Ball from KoRo and 3 small Leibniz cookies.

Step 4

For the chocolate drizzle, melt the cacao butter, add the tahini and mix. Add the rest of the ingredients, mix well until no lumps are visible and then drizzle over the frozen mixture with a spoon.