🗓 03/11/2020 👤 Kosta 👌 Simple

Corona Update #8: Increased delivery times

The Light Lockdown has resulted in increased order volume and we have increased our delivery time.

Corona Update #8: Increased delivery times

Our order volume has increased again due to the renewed (albeit slight) lockdown, so we have changed the delivery time to 7-8 business days by the end of next week.

For the European foreign countries a partly longer delivery time applies, up to 9-10 working days on average.

We are very happy about the big rush and are currently adjusting to the new order volume together with our logistics partner.

In concrete terms, this means that from the current 4 large sorting stations, we will add another 3 large sorting stations and then gradually work through the current backlog.

As a preventive measure, we already have additional sort ing stations in the pipeline, which will be installed as soon as the backlog is processed.

We hope to be able to continue to deliver quickly in the future.

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Kosta, Management