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Organic Chinese sencha green tea 1kg


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  • 100 % Chinese sencha green tea
  • Refreshing, lightly tart flavour
  • Whole tea leaves
  • From organic farming
  • Brewing time: 2 minutes
Quality: Organic Chinese sencha green tea 1kg

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Welcome to the wonderful world of tea, where we serve you the finest goods from China and introduce you to the traditional tea culture from Great Britain. By now, half the world knows about the special taste of Chinese green Sencha tea. Sencha tastes fresh and mellow, yet convinces you with a spicy and subtly tart note. Its fragrance transports you to a place of peace and relaxation in hectic everyday life. No wonder the British began importing their tea from China as early as the middle of the 17th century. On the island it is traditionally black - here you can get it in a soft green. A great warm drink to wake up in the morning or a saviour from the midday slump - treat yourself! Order green tea now.

Organic sencha green tea - easy preparation

After just two minutes of brewing time, our Chinese Sencha is ready to enjoy. You can also brew it a second time so you don't have to waste any of your new treasure! And in summer, you can easily make iced tea from the green tea leaves.

Tea time with KoRo: the best green tea

A traditional tea time between 3 and 5 p.m. always includes a few nibbles. We don't have any fresh yeast pastries, but we do have oat biscuits with chocolate drops or Christmassy organic gingerbread hearts. Feel free to eat with your hands. Because even in the British royal family, finger food can be eaten with the fingers. Need more tea options? Try our peppermint tea, mate tea or our Japanese sencha tea are great alternatives to your classic green or black tea. Cheers!

Buy green sencha tea

Time for some peace and quiet, a good book and a warming cup of tea! A pot of organic green tea from KoRo comes in handy. Its mild, tart and fresh aroma will transport you to a little oasis of relaxation. No wonder, after all, our Sencha tea is grown in China and used for traditional tea ceremonies. Now the only question is: Milk-in-first (Mif) or Tea-in-first (Tif)? Even tea connoisseurs in Great Britain are divided on this question. No matter which you choose, a delicious cup of tea is always ready for you at the end. Make yourself comfortable - buy green tea online now.

Product number: TEE_007
Best before date 31.08.2026
Origin China
Organic Origin Nicht-EU-Landwirtschaft
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654785319
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place.
Ingredients 100% Sencha* *from controlled organic agriculture
Cross contamination No allergens contained according to EU Regulation 1169/2011.
Trade Name Organic Sencha (green tea), whole leaves
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Die Herkunft des grünen Tees
Die Herkunft des grünen Tees

Unser Bio Sencha Tee wird in Zhejiang Qian Dao Hu in China angebaut – hier hat grüner Tee ebenfalls seinen Ursprung. Seit mehreren tausend Jahren wird in China grüner Tee angebaut – es vergeht selten ein Tag, an dem kein grüner Tee getrunken wird.

Grüner Tee Pflanze
Grüner Tee Pflanze

Bei unserer grünen Tee Pflanze handelt es sich um ein Kultivar – eine Pflanze, die speziell gezüchtet wurde: Die Yabukita Teepflanze! Sie wird seit 1908 angebaut ist äußert kälteresistent und zeichnet sich durch ihren hohen Ertrag aus.

Reifen im Schatten
Reifen im Schatten

Im Hochsommer, wenn die Sonne sich mehrere Stunden am Tag blicken lässt, wird die Teeplantage teilweise beschattet, damit die Blätter nicht verbrennen und sich weniger Bitterstoffe im Tee bilden.

Die Tee-Ernte
Die Tee-Ernte

Im frühen Sommer wird der Tee mit Hilfe von speziellen Maschinen geerntet und für die Bedampfung vorbereitet.

Tee-Standardnummern – was ist das?
Tee-Standardnummern – was ist das?

Sogenannte Standardnummern stammen noch aus der Zeit, in der chinesische Teefirmen staatlich waren. Die Standardnummer gibt Auskunft über die Qualität des Tees und die Sorgfältigkeit während der Herstellung. Ohne den Tee jemals gesehen zu haben, konnte man über die Standardnummer bereits erahnen, wie der Tee aussieht, riecht und schmeckt. Heutzutage werden diese Nummern immer noch verwendet, allerdings produzieren Unternehmen nicht mehr so strikt nach den Bestimmungen, weswegen zwei Teesorten mit der gleichen Standardnummer stark variieren können. Unser Tee trägt die Standardnummer 8912.

Dämpfen und Trocknen
Dämpfen und Trocknen

Die Teeblätter werden kurz nach ihrer Ernte für wenige Minute mit heißem Dampf erhitzt, wodurch die Oxidation und Fermentation der Blätter gestoppt – denn nur, wenn die grünen Teeblätter grün bleiben, darf er sich auch grüner Tee nennen. Anschließend wird der Tee schonend getrocknet und für den weiteren Transport vorbereitet.

Questions & answers: Organic Chinese sencha green tea 1kg
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Green tea has its origin in China, and we also source our tea leaves from the People's Republic. Green Sencha tea is still an integral part of Chinese culture there today and, for example, part of traditional tea ceremonies.
If you like herbal tea, then you will also like our green tea! It tastes wonderfully refreshing and is characterized by a mild, tart note.
We are real foodies, but we are not doctors or nutritionists. Therefore, we cannot give you qualified information on the topic of "green tea against high blood pressure". Please discuss your health concerns with your doctor.
You can also use our green tea for a skin mask. You can find a wide variety of instructions for this on the web. Try it out and write us on Instagram under @koro_de your experience!
Yes, green tea contains caffeine and is often drunk instead of coffee. If you are particularly sensitive to caffeine, it is better to avoid green tea before bedtime and sip our Sencha tea after getting up or against the midday slump.
Many online blogs talk about green tea stimulating the metabolism, increasing fat burning and being good for a diet or detox. We can't confirm that, because our green tea is not a magic bullet, despite its incredibly delicious taste. To lose weight you usually need a calorie deficit. If you have any questions about this topic, it is best to consult your nutritionist and get professional advice.
No, green tea is not suitable for children because it contains caffeine.
Our green tea has a fairly short brewing time of just 2 minutes. You can also infuse it a second time, so you don't have to waste any of your new treasure! In the summer you can also easily conjure up iced tea. We've got you covered with a super easy and delicious recipe for Selfmade Sencha Iced Tea in our Food Journal! Tadaaa - the perfect drink for cold autumn and hot summer days.
Yes yes yes, our Chinese green tea comes from 100% organic farming.
Besides our green tea China Sencha you will also find Japanese green tea in our assortment. And also Matcha Mizu and Matcha Yujin are green teas. So you see, we have the right variety for every green tea lover.
You should be careful here, because green tea contains caffeine. Whether and how much green tea you can drink during pregnancy or breastfeeding, you should therefore rather clarify with your gynecologist.
Organic Chinese sencha green tea 1kg
Organic Japanese Sencha green tea 500g
Price €19.00 €22.00
Product number TEE_007 TEE_001
Content 1 kg 0.5 kg
Base price €19.00 / 1 kg €44.00 / 1 kg
Herkunftsländer China Japan

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4-5 star reviews 🙂



This tea says life is good

Very good good quality, the packaging is nice, maintains the characteristics of the tea. This tea is a little less intense than Japanese Sencha, but it does everything I expect from this tea. I really like it very much.

1-3 star reviews 🙃







Unfortunately a very weak taste

Despite higher dosage, the taste is unfortunately very very thin. Other Senchas from organic stores in my area have always had a much stronger taste.

Robert W.


All ok I have nothing more to say😡😡

All ok good price and quality and kindly do not dictate to customers how many characters to write in the review otherwise the second time I will not write anything.



Very good

Perfect for a great start to the day.




That sounds like a really good product to me




High quality product and excellent treat and refreshin. Value for money.



Despite "higher dosage" a great price-performance ratio!

The tea tastes very subtle: I had to increase the dose per cup so that the fine aroma does not taste too watered down.



I can only recommend :)

Super quality, very tasty tea! Mhmm



excellent product the top




Unbeatable value for money.

Error of 2 months on DDM: 30.06.2025 on site received: 30.04.2025. This is the only error. Unbeatable value for money.



I have recommended shopping at KoRo to my family and friends, All are very satisfied.

Good tea at a very good price.

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