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  • Organic oat powder
  • For home-made oat drinks
  • Fresh and delicious every day
  • Easy and fast to prepare
  • Vegan
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Imagine you just came back from holiday, open the fridge and.... nothing, it's completely empty. Just a half empty jar of pickles and some mustard and nothing else. You start thinking about your options: it's Sunday evening, the shops are closed and delivery services can't make it in time. But suddenly you see it: a pack of your favourite muesli on the top shelf! You don't have any oat drink left, but you can now make some yourself! With KoRo's organic oat powder, you can whip up fresh, delicious oat drink in no time at all. With our homemade oat drink powder, we not only save you from going hungry when you come back from holiday, but also prepare you for every start to the day. Try it now and get the long-lasting oat drink solution for muesli, coffee & more! 

Making your own oat drink

Our organic oat powder is an instant oat drink powder that you can use to mix your own oat drink.  The preparation is super easy: mix 10 g organic oat powder with 100 ml water and stir well - and your oat drink is ready. No other plant-based drink from the supermarket comes home to you so wonderfully fresh. A little insider tip from the KoRo office: if you prepare the drink in a milk frother, you can enjoy not only the familiar nutty taste of oats but also a delicious frothy foam. 

Plant-based alternative without the heavy weight

Are you a muesli and coffee person in the mornings? That means you also need a whole lot of milk or it's plant-based alternatives to go with. We know that exercise is important for our health, but does that mean you should be lugging 8 x 1 l oat drink trays around? No! First of all, we deliver the product directly to your door, and second, our oat drink powder means no more heavy bottles!

What is instant oat powder?

Our organic oat drink powder has a high yield and replaces conventional oat drink from your supermarket. Did you know that oat drink consist of 90 % water? And we can imagine everyone of us has water at home! Simply mix in some oat powder and it's done. This saves you and us on transporting costs and packaging waste, a win-win for you and our environment!

Buy organic oat powder

Here at KoRo, we stand for top quality at fair prices and constantly try to make your daily life better. That's why we deliver our organic oat drink powder in a convenient 1 kg value pack. That means you can start each day with the pleasure of fresh oat drink. Buy our organic oat powder for making delicious oat drink yourself now!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1695 /  400
Fat 4 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 1 g
Carbohydrates 83 g
thereof sugar 13 g
Protein 6 g
Salt 0 g
Product number: HAFER_010
Origin Oats from european cultivation
Origin (Processing) Germany
Organic Origin EU agriculture
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260718295716
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients 99.75% WHOLE GRAIN OAT FLOUR *, 0.25% α-amylase. * from organic farming. Naturally contains sugar.
Cross contamination May contain traces of PEANUT, SOY, MILK (LACTOSE), NUTS and SESAME
Best before date 23.02.2025
Trade Name Organic oat powder, spray dried
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.

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Questions & answers: Organic powdered oat drink 1kg
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You should store our organic oat powder for oat drinks in a cool, dry place. Provided that you store the oat powder in the unopened original packaging properly at all times, it has a shelf life of at least 9 months.
Our organic oat powder has 400 calories per 100g. From it you can mix about 1 liter of oat drink.
Yes! The oats for our oat powder comes from organic farming. Our oat powder has therefore organic quality.
The preparation of our Oat Drink Instant Powder is super easy: Mix 10 g organic oat powder with 100 ml water and mix it well - ready is your own oat drink.
Yes, our oat powder consists only of whole oat flour and is therefore purely vegetable. This makes your instant oat drink a great alternative to cow's milk and can be wonderfully integrated into a vegan diet.
With our organic oat powder it is very easy to make your own oat drinks at home. All you have to do is mix the powder with water. In this way, you can conjure up a fresh, delicious oat drink in no time, which is well suited for muesli, coffee and co. This saves not only effort and heavy lugging when shopping, but also transport costs and packaging material.
Oats are naturally gluten-free. However, in commercial oats and most oat products, contamination by wheat, rye, barley or crosses of these grains cannot be ruled out. For this reason, we advise people who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease not to consume our oat powder. For a gluten-free diet, our gluten-free oatmeal is well suited.
Organic powdered oat drink 1kg
Barista oat drink 1L
Price €18.00* €3.00*
Product number HAFER_010 DRINK_001
Content 1 kg 1 Liter
Base price €18.00* / 1 kg €3.00* / 1 Liter
Properties low in saturated fat, vegetarian, organic, vegan vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free
Kauf Argumente Organic oat powder For home-made oat drinks Fresh and delicious every day Easy and fast to prepare Vegan Your new breakfast companion Perfect for coffee, cocoa and latte art Foamable Vegan and gluten-free No added sugar*
Zutaten 99.75% WHOLE GRAIN OAT FLOUR *, 0.25% α-amylase. * from organic farming. Naturally contains sugar. Water, gluten-free OATS 11%, sunflower oil, sea salt
Energie (kcal) 400 51
Fett 4 1.5
Zucker 13 4.9
Ballaststoffe 0 -
Eiweiß 6 0.7
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4-5 star reviews 🙂



My favorite among the oat milk powders

I am positively surprised, since I have already tried several powders.
Mixing ratio is correct, price-performance ratio very good, taste top.

1-3 star reviews 🙃



Very bitter

Fast delivery, in perfect condition and in my hands.
As for the product itself, I am very disappointed. It is certainly very soluble but the taste is very bitter and unpleasant. I am used to plant milks and in particular oat milk. I knew that I would not have the creaminess of industrial oat milk in which oil and an emulsifier are put with this powder. But I didn't expect such a bitterness. I will not recommend this product.



Good alternative

Good quality, easy to use: mix together and enjoy. Also super in coffee



simply ingenious and delicious

How you can still buy tetrapacks with liquid oat milk in good conscience is beyond me. I find powder is the most ingenious, practical, environmentally friendly and sensible solution, especially, the kilo packs at Koro.

That this milk should taste bitter, as written in other reviews, I can not confirm in any way.

On the contrary, with a shot of neutral oil I get wonderful barista foam and more intense flavor. I like that I can prepare as much milk fresh as needed and there is no opened package left in the fridge to spoil. For baking, I add the desired amount to the flour with water.

Overall, the powder has only and in addition many advantages:

1. cheaper than liquid oat milk,
2. saves about 10 tetrapacks,
3. no need to store in the refrigerator,
4. much longer shelf life,
5. Less weight,
6. less environmental impact from transportation.

Oat powder is one of the most brilliant product introductions in recent memory. I wish it would catch on and eliminate the garbage mountain of millions of tetrapacks and thousands of trucks to transport them and save the energy needed to do so.

Conclusion: Absolutely recommendable - a small change of perspective with comfort renunciation which is really worthwhile.

I am rarely so convinced and enthusiastic about a product, but here the solution with taste is simply ingenious.



Ideal for pouches

My 2 year old son drinks the oat milk very gladly. 1 small spoonful of powder per bottle is quite enough for him.
Have also already added some powder to the baby porridge (baby 9 months old), is also well received! All in all, the oat powder is very versatile and does very well in a nice canning jar. I have less waste and more space this way. Thank you!



Practical and good

The oat milk powder is super convenient, saves a lot of waste and tastes very good, also because it can be dosed individually. In addition, I can take it well on trips.



Perfect taste!

I ordered the oat drink powder to avoid waste in the form of tetrapacks. The taste is very convincing and I can vary the taste with more or less powder. Also suitable for baking or shakes.
Will definitely order again!



Perfect in coffee

A great alternative to oat milk from the tetrapak. I dose it a little higher than specified so that I have more flavor. In the shaker you even get a small foam crown on the coffee.



My new all-rounder in the kitchen

My expectations of the oat drink powder were more than exceeded. I now use it for breakfast, in coffee and for baking. In fact, it can also be relatively foamed. Find the powder really ingenious, it would definitely buy again



Sehr gut, lecker und preisgünstig

Dieses Pulver ist sehr lecker und schmeckt etwas süß. Man kann mehr oder weniger Pulver in Wasser einrühren, ganz wie man möchte. Im Verbrauch ist man unabhängig gegenüber einer 1 Liter-Packung, die man innerhalb weniger Tage aufbrauchen muss.



Clumps a little, but still practical and delicious.

Tastes good, but clumps a bit when stirring in. Still tasty and very convenient when you have no "milk" at hand.



Guter Geschmack, sehr lecker.

Super Geschmack, schnell anzumixen und in kleinen Mengen auch prima im Urlaub, wenn es keine Milchalternative gibt.

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