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Organic tapioca syrup 1 litre


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  • Natural sugar substitute
  • Sweet syrup with no own taste
  • Naturally fructose-free
  • Great alternative to honey or agave syrup
  • From certified organic agriculture
Variety: Organic tapioca syrup 1 litre

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BBD: 31.03.2023

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If you want to avoid refined sugar as much as possible and are looking for a natural and low-fructose alternative, you have landed on the right page. From now on, there's a wonderful newcomer to our KoRo's family which will make your dreams come true – welcome our organic tapioca syrup! Tapioca syrup – what is it actually?  Never heard of tapioca? Prepare to have your life changed, because once you get to know this incredible all-rounder, you are going to wonder how you managed to do without it for so long. Our organic syrup is a natural sugar substitute that is obtained from the cassava root. A tasteless vegetable starch, tapioca is best known from the trendy drink bubble tea – the so-called tapioca pearls; but this plant offers so much more! To find out what exactly tapioca actually is, let's take a look at South America, where the cassava root has its origin. The starch is obtained from a small tuber, which is used as the basis for the syrup. For our tapioca syrup we only
Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1371 / 322
Fat 0 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 81 g
thereof sugar 65 g
Dietary fiber 0 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g
Product number: TAPI_001
Origin Cambodia
Origin (Processing) Italy
Organic Origin Non-EU agriculture
Content 1 L
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654788860
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients 100 % tapioca starch* *from certified organic agriculture
Cross contamination No allergenes according to EU 1169/2011
Best before date 31.03.2023
Trade Name Organic sweetener made of tapioca starch
Press & Resellers Download cropped photo
Questions & answers: Organic tapioca syrup 1 litre
100 g of our organic tapioca syrup contains 322 kcal. Compared to conventional household sugar, tapioca syrup is a little lower in calories.
To keep the syrup as long as possible, you should always store it in a cool, dry place and protect it from light and sunlight. Unopened, the syrup has a shelf life of 2 years. After opening, you should use the sugar alternative within 30 days. The syrup may change color slightly over time, but this does not affect the taste and quality.
Tapioca syrup is considered a sugar alternative. The syrup contains the sweetness solely by natural means. We do not use added sugar or other foods with sweetening properties. Tapioca syrup is considered fructose-free and contains only a small amount of fructose overall, around 30% glucose. The natural sugar contained is primarily composed of dextrose and maltrose.
Tapioca syrup has about 75% of the sweetening power of table sugar. What does that mean for you? Quite simply, if you would otherwise take a spoonful of refined sugar, you need a little more tapioca syrup to achieve the same sweetness.
From xylitol and erythritol, to agave syr up and coconut blossom sugar - alternative sweeteners are known to be many. Tapioca syrup, however, does not contain any fructose and is therefore particularly suitable for people with fructose intolerance or those who want to reduce fructose in their diet. Due to its texture, tapioca syrup is the perfect vegan honey substitute. Our organic syrup is a pure natural product and contains no artificial additives - 100% natural sweetness!
Our syrup is obtained from the cassava root. Since we do not use any additives, the syrup is 100% vegan and is ideal as a purely vegetable alternative to honey.
The cassava roots that we use for the tapioca starch are 100% from controlled organic cultivation. The further processing to tapioca syrup is also subject to strictly controlled organic conditions.
For the production of tapioca syrup only tapioca starch and water are needed. Tapioca starch is obtained from the cassava root. The cassava root is a shrub-like plant native to tropical regions of South America, and cassava flour is made from its root tubers by soaking, pressing and roasting. The starch that is also produced in this process is the tapioca starch, from which the syrup is finally obtained through fermentation. By the way, our organic tapioca syrup is produced in Italy.
Healthy is, above all, a full and balanced diet. Tapioca syrup, despite its natural sweetness, contains a high proportion of sugar, 65 g per 100 g. Those who want to eat healthy should not enjoy sugar of any kind in excessive quantities. Nevertheless, our tapioca syrup is a good alternative if you want to avoid table sugar or do not tolerate fructose well.
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29 Reviews

Katja K.  | 03.08.2022

Ich bestelle wieder. 😀

Wirklich erstklassig verpackt. 5 Gläser Tapiokasirup erreichten unbeschadet ihr Ziel. Der 1. Liter war auch schon nach 3 Tagen verarbeitet. Schmeckt lecker und macht seinen Job.

18 people found this information helpful
Tanja S.  | 04.07.2022

Toll für mein selbstgemachtes Granola

Angenehme Süße ohne Eigenges

22 people found this information helpful
Anonymous  | 27.02.2022



3 people found this information helpful
Anonymous  | 24.12.2021



1 people found this information helpful
Anonymous  | 07.12.2021

Überraschend dezent in der Süße / leider schlecht zu dosieren

Ich hatte mir den Tapiokasirup als "gesündere" Alternative zu Agavendicksaft geholt. Allerdings war ich überrascht wie dezent der Tapiokasirup in der Süße ist. Obwohl ich es auch nicht zu süß mag muss ich immer relativ viel davon nutzen um zB eine Süße im Salatdressing festzustellen. Was ich mir wünschen würde wäre eine andere Art von Verpackung. Durch das Glas ist es generell schwierig zu dosieren und den Tapiokasirup kleckerfrei rauszuholen. Meist klebt das ganze Glas nach einer Kochsession :-)

5 people found this information helpful
Anonymous  | 25.11.2021

Der helle, geschmacksneutrale Sirup eignet sich gut

Der helle, geschmacksneutrale Sirup eignet sich gut zum Süßen von Getränken und Limonaden ohne die Farbe zu beeinflussen.

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Anonymous  | 15.11.2021



Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Anonymous  | 07.11.2021

Angenehme Süße, tolle Backeigenschaft

Eine angenehme milde Süße. Die Konsistenz ist flüssiger als erwartet aber ich bin begeistert wie schön die Bindungseigeschaften beim Backen funktionieren. Kein Fruchtzucker und geringer GI, tolles Produkt

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Anonymous  | 06.11.2021

Mega lecker

Ich war lange auf der Suche nach einem Sirup den ich mit Histaminintoleranz und auch mein Kind mit Fructoseintoleranz essen können. Wichtig war mir, dass dieser Sirup im Glas ist. Bei Euch wurde ich fündig. Und der schmeckt super lecker. Das hätte ich nie gedacht. Sehr zu empfehlen😊. Top

1 people found this information helpful
Anonymous  | 28.09.2021

Angenehme und dezente Süße, sehr flüssig. Leider

Angenehme und dezente Süße, sehr flüssig. Leider ist die Aufbewahrung in dem Glas nicht die allerbeste Idee, weil man die gewünschte Menge nur mit einem Löffel rausholen kann, der Rand oft voll gertropft wird und man jedes Mal nachputzen muss.. Wird das nächste Mal in eine Dosierflasche umgefüllt, dann ist es perfekt

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