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Buy exclusive sample sizes

If you say KoRo, you must also say bulk pack - usually true, but not always! As we all know, exceptions prove the rule. We already offer some of our snacks in a small format: for example, you probably know our energy balls or bars, which we sell individually packaged, or our starter set of dried fruit and trail mix. But now, with our selection of trial-sized products, we're stepping it up a notch!

Have you always wanted to try lupin coffee, for example, but had doubts about whether you would really like it or whether the 1 kg pack would just end up in the corner gathering dust? Then we have good news for you: You can now buy our caffeine-free lupin coffee in 280 g format! 

The benefits of KoRo's sample sizes

We've all been there: on the recommendation of our best friend or our dearest work colleague, we've ordered the treat they praised to the skies - and then the complete disaster: it doesn't taste good! We don't think that can happen to you with one of our products. Nevertheless, it's a nice side effect that you can try out some of our nut mixes, such as the Trail Mix "Nuts and Nibs" or the Nutmix "Sweet and Salty", for example, in the trial size (before reordering them in large format, of course). 

By the way, the KoRo tasting packs also make a wonderful small gift for your friends or as a reward for yourself. The advantageous small format is also so inexpensive that it doesn't matter if you're a little short of cash. 

Famous delicacies in the exclusive KoRo tasting size

You prefer it fruity and fresh? Then our puffed organic bananas and our balsamic onion chutney are just right for you! In the practical tasting packs, you can easily take your KoRo favourites with you wherever you go - and save a little money at the same time. If you're more of a chocoholic, you should definitely try our peanuts in caramel chocolate with sea salt and our pretzel nut mix with chocolate and caramel! And if you can't decide between fruity and chocolaty, don't worry: With our chocolate fruits you get the best of both worlds - but so far (still) in the usual bulk packs.

And if you don't know what you're in the mood for, try our subscription box or our KoRo in a Nutshell tasting boxes!

Questions about sample sizes

We would like to give you all the information you need about the KoRo tasting packs. If you have any questions about a specific product, please check the product specification. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us by email or on social media and we will clarify all your questions.

Which products are available in sample size?

You will find a small but fine selection of sweet snacks and savoury nibbles, chocolate, dried fruit and chocolate nuts in our trial size range (so far).

How big are the sample sizes?

This also varies greatly and also depends on the quantity in which we sell the product as standard. From the puffed organic banana with a cute 40 g, to the rice biscuit mix peanut-wasabi in the 150 g tasting pack, to a whopping 320 g of our own hazelnut and cocoa peanut butter 300g, it's all there! 

Is there a difference between the KoRo trial sizes and the regular products?

No - except for the quantity, of course. For example, you can get our lupin coffee in a 280 g pack instead of the usual 1 kg large format. And with the Trail Mix "Nuts and Nibs" and the Nutmix "Sweet and Salty", we also offer you your favourite nut mixes in an exclusive 250 g tasting size. Of course, the smaller size also allows you to save a little money (and buy even more products in trial size!). Otherwise, our small formats are in no way inferior to their heavyweights of the same name!

What do I need sample sizes for?

Whether as a small birthday present for your friends, as an introductory gift for new colleagues or as a souvenir for Sunday lunch at your grandparents' house: the KoRo tasting packs always go and are not only inexpensive, but also fit into (almost) every bag! And who wouldn't love our Lübeck marzipan potatoes?