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Peanut mousse  1 kg


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  • 100 % unsalted peanuts
  • Oil-free roasting
  • Perfect for sweet and savoury dishes
  • Vegan
  • No added sugar*
Quality: Peanut mousse  1 kg
Quantity: Peanut mousse  1 kg

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BBD: 02.06.2023

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Peanut mousse is the natural, down-to-earth version of peanut butter; after many successful years in the USA, peanut mousse triumphantly arrives in Europe. In the past few years, it has become more and more popular among young and old. Contrary to some kinds of peanut butter, peanut mousse does not contain any added salt, or oil – just 100 % peanuts!

Our peanut mousse is not only delicious on bread; its creaminess and tastiness make it the perfect addition to, or base for, sauces and dips, and a wonderful topping for your porridge or smoothie bowl. Last but not least: you can use our peanut mousse for baking peanut muffins that will leave your family and friends speechless!

KoRo and nut butters love each other deeply from day one; our KoRo team members are often caught in the kitchen by surprise, with a spoon frozen in mid air, next to the shelf with the nut butters. And, as our peanut butter and mousse are constantly among the bestsellers, we have decided to sell 1 kg peanut mousse portions! Yes, you heard that right. One kilo of pure peanut power. Just imagine all the toasts you are going to prepare with it! 

*The peanuts naturally contain sugar (3.6 g/100 g).

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 2498 / 597
Fat 50 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 6.8 g
Carbohydrates 7 g
thereof sugar 3.6 g
Dietary fiber 9.9 g
Protein 30 g
Salt 0.02 g
Product number: MUS_053
Origin Argentina
Origin (Processing) Netherlands
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260654783346
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store at room temperature, and once opened, in a cool and dry place. If oil separates, give it a good stir.
Ingredients 100 % PEANUTS
Cross contamination May contain traces of other TREE NUTS
Best before date 02.06.2023
Trade Name Peanut mousse
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Questions & answers: Peanut mousse  1 kg
100 g peanut butter contain 597 kcal. The exact nutritional values for our peanut butter can be found next to the product description.
Peanut butter consists exclusively of peanuts. These are roasted without fat before the mush.
Before you order 1000 g of peanut butter right away, you naturally want to know more about the shelf life of the nutty cream. When stored properly, peanut butter can be kept unopened for about a year after production. You should store the peanut butter in a dark, cool and dry place.
Unlike peanut butter, peanut butter consists of 100% pure nut and contains no additives such as sugar, preservatives and stabilizers. Therefore, the puree is rather liquid and usually deposits a layer of oil on top.
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433 Reviews

Renato L.  | 13.08.2022


FABULOUS. Never tasted 100% peanut cream. More flavor and lighter than commercial grade products. I don't go crazy for peanuts but this cream deserves it.

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Jérémy R.  | 13.08.2022

My favorite

Better than the glass jar version, more fluid and stronger in taste.

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Nico S.  | 12.08.2022

must have in every kitchen

Since I changed my diet to 80-90% vegan and only eat natural products (nothing from the factory) my energy level / mood etc. has improved a lot. Currently I am at 5-6h hours of sleep and have an extremely high energy level throughout the day. The products of Koro are a big part of my diet, I can only recommend the products to everyone, they taste great and do your health something good.

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Anonymous  | 11.08.2022

Best peanut butter

Very tasty. Soon ordered again a year's supply! :)

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Séverine J.  | 05.08.2022


Very good product, I love it

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
marc b.  | 04.08.2022

Very good!

Very good! Good peanut taste.

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Roberta C.  | 02.08.2022

Really good

The best 100% peanut cream. Almost peanut butter consistency.

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Laura F.  | 31.07.2022


What can you say? It's just peanut butter. If you like it, you buy it. If not, then not :-) Price-performance has convinced me in any case more than in the conventional supermarket!

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Melanie S.  | 22.07.2022

Great creamy peanut butter without any salt :)

Have otherwise always ordered peanut butter of a well-known brand, which was twice as expensive. On recommendation, I tried this one from Koro. I must say, I like it totally well! The consistency is perfect, very creamy and smooth. There is no salt added, which was very appealing to me. The one I bought before has a relatively high salt content and there was the change first something to get used to. But I have to say that I now like it super well and I will only buy this one :) The price is also really unbeatable!

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
GIOVANNA C.  | 21.07.2022


I believe it was among the first products I tried from Koro, and today I say NEVER AGAIN without it! Absolutely the best peanut butter I have ever tried, especially for the value for money! It has that roasted peanut aftertaste that is fabulous!

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