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Pistachio butter 1kg


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  • Made from 100 % pistachio kernels
  • Vegan
  • Nutty-sweet source of protein
  • 1 kg value size
  • Excellent for use in commercial kitchens
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Buy now: Pistachio butter 1kg

OMG! 1 kg of pistachio butter- now we're totally freaked out! Who needs a whole kilogram of pistachio butter? Counter question: Who doesn't need it? Since we think our pistachio butter tastes good in the 500 g jar, we are now making another dream come true with the 1 kg storage bucket. Joking aside: You'd better not do it - order it, but don't put it in - because the incredibly delicious pistachio puree should melt in your mouth. Alongside our delicious nut butters, our golden-green puree with its unique pistachio flavour is an absolutely delicious eye-catcher in every kitchen. Stock up on our popular pistachio butter and give your dishes a distinctive touch. Order 1 kg of pistachio butter online now!

The many uses of pistachio butter

Now let's get down to business! Well, you already understand what we're getting at. If you're not one of our hardcore nut butter fans who just can't get enough of our pistachio puree and gobble it up with a soup ladle straight from the jar, you might not be able to do much with a whole kilo. In this case, we recommend that you first try our 500 g jar of pistachio puree. Our pistachio butter in stock size is ideal for large families with lots of hungry mouths, among other things. There are numerous recipes in which you can wonderfully integrate our pistachio butter. How about a pistachio yoghurt parfait as a fancy dessert during a family dinner? Or you can start the day together with a tasty portion of creamy pistachio porridge. Pistachio butter also cuts a fine figure as a green spread. Sports fans should also definitely take a look at this unmistakable source of protein. Our pistachio butter consists of 100% shelled pistachios, which is why you can use it in nutty energy balls (oh, we've already done that for you.): Organic energy balls in pistachio flavour. With 23 g protein and over 6 g fibre per 100 g, our mush is a great source of protein and fibre. Of course, you can also combine it with other after-workout recipes or just spoon it out of the jar - lugging a whole kilo of pistachio butter to the gym is certainly workout enough. 

All-round talent in (large) kitchens

You own - besides good taste - a café, a restaurant, a bakery, a pastry shop or similar and are looking for fancy ingredients? Then our pistachio butter is definitely the right thing for you! Our pistachio paste is a great topping for cupcakes, cakes, biscuits and biscuits. Pistachio paste for pasta dishes, pistachio dressing for crunchy salads, pistachio sauce for ice cream or even homemade pistachio ice cream are just a few ideas to spice up your menu with the golden-green eye-catcher. Whether savoury or sweet: how you integrate the mush into your dishes is entirely up to you. With the ingenious 1 kg storage jar, you have enough puree for many creations. And the best thing about it: our pistachio butter is vegetarian and can therefore also be combined wonderfully with vegetarian and vegan delicacies. And while we're on the subject of deliciously nutty, vegan butters in the handy advantage size: Have you already taken a look at our popular peanut butter in a 1 kg jar?

Buy pistachio puree in the 1 kg advantage size from KoRo

100 % pure pistachio enjoyment - unadulterated and without frills. No added sugar (contains sugar naturally), no salt and no additional fat - the naturally delicious taste of our pistachio butter speaks for itself. If you have already tried our pistachio butter, you know what we are talking about. No matter whether it's for your family or as an unusual icing on the cake for your customers: our pistachio puree is always an absolute treat for the palate. Buy 1 kg pistachio butter now!

By the way: True pistachio fans don't just get their money's worth with our delicious pistachio butter. Our roasted and salted pistachios in the 1 kg pack and our organic energy balls in the pistachio flavour are just the tip of the "nut mountain".

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 2725 /  659
Fat 57 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 6.1 g
Carbohydrates 9.7 g
thereof sugar 3.7 g
Dietary fiber 5.4 g
Protein 24 g
Salt 0.02 g
Product number: MUS_097
Best before date 01.12.2025
Origin Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Origin (Processing) Italy
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260718291213
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store at room temperature. Refrigerate after opening. Stir any oil that may have settled.
Ingredients 100 % PISTACHIOS
Cross contamination May contain traces of other NUTS.
Trade Name Pistachio puree made from roasted pistachios
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Questions & answers: Pistachio butter 1kg
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In case you haven't already taken it from our nutritional value table: Our pistachio puree has an average of 25 g of protein per 100 g of pistachio puree. That is about 15% of the total amount of energy. Thus, we can tell you that the pistachio puree is definitely a source of protein. All other nutritional values of our pistachio puree can be found next to the product description.
Our pistachio puree is versatile! You can use it great as a topping for sweet and savory dishes. But it is also great for refining recipes. Take a look at our Food Journal.
Good question - better answer: Our pistachio puree scores with a nutty-sweet and slightly salty taste and can therefore be processed wonderfully versatile. How about homemade white chocolate pistachio ice cream, for example?
For 100 g of the 1 kg stock size, there are 655 kcal. For more information about the nutritional values per 100 g of pistachio puree, you can find next to or below the product description and on the product packaging.
You should definitely store our pistachio puree protected from light, in a dry and cool place to maximize shelf life. The minimum shelf life in the original sealed packaging is 18 months from the date of production.
Our irresistibly delicious puree is made only from shelled pistachios and is therefore purely vegetable. So you can also integrate it perfectly into vegetarian or vegan dishes.
If you have already tried our pistachio puree, the question should actually answer itself (hehe). Naturally delicious: Our pistachio puree consists of 100% shelled pistachios - without additional fat, salt or added sugar (contains naturally sugar). Since our pistachio puree is the absolute hit, you get it from now on also in the 1 kg stock size! It can be wonderfully spooned away by hardcore sweet tooth and -katern but also in the catering industry to use.
But of course! Our pistachio puree consists of 100% pistachios and is therefore vegan without exception - no frills, no added sugar, no salt and no other additives. Our pistachio puree naturally contains sugar. So there is nothing you have to watch out for - just spoon it and enjoy.
Again, we put that in your hands - sorry but not sorry: depending on how fast you eat it. Okay, maybe not quite. Our pistachio puree should be used within 24 months of production, following the storage recommendation and fully packaged.
With a remarkable content of 23 g protein per 100 g pistachio puree, this unusual treat is a great source of protein. You can therefore consume the mush wonderfully after a strenuous workout.
This is entirely up to you. You can store the pistachio puree in your kitchen drawer. You can also place the holy nut puree on your bedside table. The only thing our pistachio puree doesn't like is heat and warmth. Once you have opened it, a cool storage place is optimal.

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The best nut must of all time🔥😍

Guys, the pistachios are simply the best thing I've ever tasted🔥

Denise D.


Jeden Cent wert, mega lecker

Oh my God, how delicious is this please. At first I was put off by the price, but the mush is worth every penny. I love it. The perfect topping for my muesli.

Corinna S.


Delicious and recommendable.

Upgrade for my porridge. An absolute recommendation,

Karin B.


Incredibly creamy and a taste to dream of!

I love the pistachio puree. Sooo creamy and unattainably delicious.



Great mush.

It is the best puree I have ever eaten. I order this purée regularly.

Federico S.


Exquisite, with only the highest quality ingredients

Simply fantastic: I use it to sweeten and make my breakfast before physical activity more delicious. Product made with a few excellent raw materials. The price is in proportion to the quality of the product



Very tasty for my healthy breakfast

Oh this is very good and tastes even better than I imagined




Super lecker für meine Müsli und Bowles



Im Pistazienhimmel

Wir lieben Pistazie! Das Mus darf im Müsli oder porridge nicht fehlen. Megalecker und super Konsistenz. Preis Leistung top!



Super product

Very tasty and contains no additives. Unfortunately also more expensive.

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