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Buckwheat macadamia pudding

Buckwheat Macadamia Pudding, this pudding can score not only taste, but also with its nutrients!

Buckwheat macadamia pudding

Buckwheat Macadamia Pudding is the perfect mix between a quick smoothie and the classic breakfast in the morning. When it comes to an oat substitute, few turn to buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth or rice. Yet these are packed with nutrients and are also a gluten-free alternative. This delicious pudding can be prepared in no time and will give you enough energy to start the day well.



First, put the buckwheat in a container and soak it overnight in enough water. The next morning, thoroughly blend the soaked cereal, milk and coconut blossom sugar in a blender until a homogeneous mass is formed. The pudding is not only very quick to make, but also super tasty and can easily be taken to school/university or work! Have fun making it - bon appétit!

Thanks to Lena for this great recipe!

Instagram: lenaliciously

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