Roasted and salted bean and pea mix 1kg


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  • Tasty spicy flavour and not overly salty
  • High-protein content (33 g/100 g)
  • Crunchy snack for any time of the day
  • Great alternative to conventional snacks
  • No preservatives, artificial colouring or other additives
Variety: Roasted and salted bean and pea mix 1kg
Quantity: Roasted and salted bean and pea mix 1kg

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How would you like a snack with almost 33 g of protein for 100 g? If you do, you should definitely add our bean and pea mix to your snack list. The mixture is perfect for a cozy movie night or a social gathering with the ones you love. The legumes are roasted and salted, making them a great alternative to conventional crisps. So what are you waiting for? Add the snack to your cart now and surprise your friends at the next movie night!  

A legume snack

The protein-rich snack includes roasted black soy beans, edamame, soy beans, broad beans and green peas. We add a few spices and a dash of soy sauce and the protein snack is ready! Might sound too good to be true, but we guarantee it is real! Best of all, our snack mix is not just nice to look at, but the taste is delicious - hearty, salty and crunchy, what more can you want?!

Protein-rich snack for your home  

If you are wondering about the protein content, the legume mix contains a whopping 33 grams of protein in 100 g. With their high protein content, these little beans are ideal for a snack after a workout, on the go or even on the couch - say goodbye to conventional chips! As versatile as the different beans and peas in the mix are, so are their uses. How about a crunchy crunch for your salad? Or an appetiser in which the little treats are dipped in hummus? As always, there are no limits to your creativity.

Bean- pea mix as delicious crisps

Our snack mix consists of carefully selected beans and peas. Without colouring, flavouring or preservatives, the small balls are an ideal snack and delicious alternative to conventional crisps. Once you've tried them, you'll thank us for sending them to your home in a 1 kg value pack. We can assure you that your flatmates or family members will head straight for your bowl of our delicious bean and pea mix. Hungry too? Then grab our delicious snack mix of roasted and salted beans and peas. Buy bean and pea snack mix now!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1766 /  421
Fat 14 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 2.3 g
Carbohydrates 35 g
thereof sugar 6.7 g
Dietary fiber 10 g
Protein 33 g
Salt 1 g
Product number: BOHNE_002
Origin China
Content 1 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335836200
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Please store in a cool and dry place, away from light
Ingredients 19% BLACK SOY BEANS, 19% EDAMAME, 19% SOY BEANS, 14% fried broad beans (broad beans, SOY OIL, raising agent: E 500), 13% peas, WHEAT FLOUR, SOY OIL, modified maize starch, sugar, SOY SAUCE (water, SOY BEANS, WHEAT, salt), 1% salt, raising agent: E 503
Cross contamination May contain traces of PEANUTS, NUTS and SESAME.
Best before date 12.11.2023
Trade Name Mixture of peas and beans, roasted and salted.
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Questions & answers: Roasted and salted bean and pea mix 1kg
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The bean and pea mix should be stored in a cool, dry place in an airtight container and protected from the sun. Our Ball Mason Jars are ideal for this purpose.
100 g of our bean-pea mix have 421 kcal. You can find the exact nutritional values next to the product description, as well as on the product packaging.
The bean and pea mix should be stored in a cool, dry place in an airtight container and protected from the sun. Our Ball Mason Jars are ideal for this purpose.
"Every little bean makes a little sound" - you probably know this saying. If you have problems with this when it comes to legumes, or if you only eat them irregularly, you should first enjoy our bean-pea mix in moderation and slowly increase your consumption. And if you do make a sound, just remember: A life with our bean-pea-mix is worth the sound.
Oh yes - at 33 g per 100 g, the snack has a high protein content.
The colorful mix of beans and peas not only cuts a fine figure in the value pack. Because as we all know, it's the inner values that count. And they are guaranteed to convince you: starting with the slightly salty taste of the roasted balls. Pah, even we are speechless for a moment. But the nutritional values of the snack are also impressive: With the high protein content (33 g/100 g), the nibble is ideal as a post-workout snack or even mid-movie snack. We can all stand a little crunch in our lives, can't we?
You achieve weight loss goals primarily through a calorie deficit. Unfortunately, our delicious legume snack is not a diet miracle cure. Nevertheless, it can score with some advantages compared to conventional chips. This is because our mix has a high protein content. Protein can contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass and normal bones. Whether you ultimately lose weight with the snack, however, depends on what you eat throughout the day and whether you are in a calorie deficit.
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4-5 star reviews 🙂



Gut einsetzbar egal ob als snack oder Topping

Der Bohnen-Erbsen-Mix salzig hat es mir angetan. Hauptsächlich habe ich ihn bestellt, da meine Mutter die immer von einer anderen Marke mit viel weniger Gramm gekauft hat. Und die für den wenigen Inhalt im Vergleich zu KoRo auch dann teurer war. Und es macht süchtig. Ist nicht zu salzig, sättigt sehr schnell und ist auf jeden Fall sein Geld wert. Wird auf jeden Fall wieder bestellt. Ich benutze es auch als Topping in Salaten kann man aber auch super mit den gerösteten salzigen Maiskörnern mischen.

1-3 star reviews 🙃



A little disappointed. I will not use this product again

I bought your products to have a healthy and natural product. I see in the composition that there is added sugar, modified corn starch etc.
My husband is diabetic, I am looking for products with a high nutritional value, but with no additions.




I can not stop crunching the mixture. Especially the peas and broad beans in it have done it to me. Will definitely repurchased and move in as a snack in the permanent supply



Finally snack in the evening without a guilty conscience!

Finally snack in the evening without a guilty conscience!



Geschmacklich super, Bio erstrebenswert.

Geschmacklich 1A.
In Bioqualität wäre es einer meiner Favoriten.



Best protein snack for every sweet tooth

The best snack. Must not be missing at every movie night as a healthier alternative to chips and super source of protein.



Sehr lecker

Neuer Lieblingssnack! Ersetzt Chips etc. perfekt!



A great alternative to chips!

Ingenious! Great alternative to chips and a good change from nuts, which we also eat often and with pleasure.
Especially the broad beans we like, but overall the mixture is really tasty. We have already ordered for the second time.



Good snack

Nicer mix, hopefully then a little healthier than chips



Something different to snack :)

So tasty? Not oversalted and times a slightly different knabberspass. I am convinced!



Horny parts

The things are cool. Unfortunately, it is not worth ordering only because of the high shipping costs



Irgendwie lecker, aber ein bisschen zu hart zum Kauen.

Die Mischung besteht hauptsächlich aus Bohnen, enthält nur 13% Erbsen. Die Erbsen sind von der Bisskonsistenz knusprig lecker, während die Bohnen eher hart knusprig sind. Geschmacklich lassen sich die schwarzen Bohnen von den Sojabohnen und Edamame kaum unterscheiden. Am liebsten würde ich nur die Erbsen kaufen.

KoRo Handels GmbH


Hey Phuong , vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Wir bedauern sehr, dass der Mix nicht zu 100% Deinen Geschmack treffen konnte. Wenn die Erbsen Dein Favorit waren, kannst Du diese gern einzeln bestellen: Snack Erbsen mit Salz und Pfeffer 1kg - Alles Liebe Dein KoRo Team :)

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