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Interactive map

What is our interactive map all about and what can you find out about our products with its help? You can find detailed instructions here.

Interactive map

A tasty trip around the world

Simply reading about where your favorite product (to be) comes from was yesterday. We now take you on our interactive and culinary journey.

More than three question marks are probably written on your face, if you have discovered a world map on our homepage, instead of products, a map of the world. Have we given up the dried fruit business and become a tech company? Don't worry! We will continue to deliver your shelf-stable food to your home with the greatest passion, but we want to but we want to share their previous journey with you and become even more transparent.


To find out exactly what the map can show you and what you can find out about our products with a simple click, here is the guide. with a simple click, here comes the tutorial. Let's start from the beginning. The starting point is a world map with different sized and colored circles and lines, which all lead to the last stop of all products, before they they make their way to your home: KoRo's home town of Berlin.

So, inverted, if you trace the lines back, you will end up in a place of origin marked with a circle. The size of the circle gives you an indication of how much weight the products imported since the end of 2018 is. The larger the circle, the higher the weight.

Also, you should not leave out the color, because the darker, the higher the percentage of products in our store that come from this country. If you now move the mouse over a circle of your choice, you will be shown the total weight, as well as the total number of products imported from here. The color code is consistent with the category legend above the map and the length of the color varies, depending on the imported weight from this category.

Try it out right now to make the concept more tangible. Move the mouse over the circle of the United States. Usa

You'll see at a glance that we imported a total product weight of 110.32 metric tons from here, which is divided divided among 26 items from the Nuts, Dried Fruit, Accessories, Snacks and Cooking Ingredients categories.

Here, products from the nuts category take the most weight. A closer look is worthwhile, because not the most weight is not always equivalent to the most products.

From Sri Lanka, for example, we ship the most weight from the breakfast category, but only the item coconut water. From the dried fruit category, on the other hand, we ship four products from Sri Lanka that weigh less in total. however, weigh less. Srilankagain

But let's get back to the United States example, because there is much more to discover on our culinary world tour. Click on the circle and you will become a real KoRo expert, as we show you quite transparently the individual items that we have imported from the USA since the end of 2018. These are sorted by descending weight of the respective total import of goods that has ever taken place.

Here you can navigate yourself, whether you are only interested in the top articles of the respective country or whether you want to see the or if you want to see the total number. MEHRUSA-2

The United States example shows that 14.26 tons of cranberries sweetened with pineapple syrup were delivered to us by ship. delivered to us by ship. Here, too, it is worthwhile to take a closer look, because even the small ship icon is changeable.

If you choose a country within Europe, the goods will probably be transported by land and the icon will change accordingly. accordingly. Maybe you can even find out from where we get our goods by air freight? EmissionsAbfwfjsIkKwoS

Or maybe you just want to see if the origin of your favorite product might be a destination for your next summer vacation? next summer vacation?

Or you want to know per category where in the world the products are located?

Then follow the navigation above the world map.

In any case, we hope you enjoy your KoRo journey around the world.