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  • From organic agriculture
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Especially aromatic
  • Delicate nutty flavour
Variety: Organic white Basmati rice 5 kg
Quality: Organic white Basmati rice 5 kg

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Bring the taste of faraway countries home with our Basmati rice. In India and Pakistan, this rice variety has long been an integral part of the cuisine. Basmati means "fragrance" in Hindi. It is a particularly aromatic, long-grain rice that originally comes from Afghanistan. Basmati rice has a nutty, earthy flavour with a flowery fragrance and is not sticky. It is considered the most noble type of rice.

How to cook organic Basmati rice?

Our two basmati varieties, brown and white, have passed the KoRo taste test. We have selected and tasted the best rice for you. It's not only the taste that convinces us, but also the handling. The rice can be cooked super quickly and easily in just 15 minutes and has an airy, fluffy consistency. White basmati rice has a slightly softer consistency than brown basmati rice. The difference lies in the processing. The white rice is milled and thus freed from its silver skin. 

Versatile Basmati rice from India

The fragrant rice can be used sweet or savoury, as a side dish or in the main role - basmati rice is always an excellent choice and a great alternative to conventional rice. KoRo tip: For an extra kick of flavour, you can add spices to the cooking water. This gives the rice a great flavour of its own, for example with a cardamom pod or our turmeric. With a little cinnamon, you can also make delicious rice pudding. Serve it with hot curries and daals or simply with fresh vegetable and tofu!

The best Basmati rice in the UK? KoRo's white Basmati rice

At KoRo we have all forms of rice and pasta varieties but out white Basmati rice is a true classic. Originating from India it es perfect for curries and warm winter dishes. With our exclusive 5kg bulk size you won't run out of rice anytime soon. What are you waiting for? Buy white Basmati rice in the UK now!

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 1504 /  354
Fat 0 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 80 g
thereof sugar 0 g
Dietary fiber 1 g
Protein 6.7 g
Salt 0.013 g
Product number: BAS_004
Origin India
Organic Origin Non EU agriculture
Content 5 kg
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335836613
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body & Organic origin
EU Bio
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients 100% basmati rice* *from organic agriculture
Cross contamination No allergens according to EU Regulation 1169/2011.
Best before date 15.02.2026
Trade Name Organic white Basmati rice
Label note Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Questions & answers: Organic white Basmati rice 5 kg
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100 grams of cooked basmati rice has about 160 calories.
Jasmine rice has a more floral inherent flavor, while basmati rice has a more earthy inherent flavor.
Brown basmati rice is natural, i.e. it is not husked. Thus, important nutrients are preserved. The consistency is slightly more bite than that of white basmati rice.
Basmati brown rice is more airy and fluffy after cooking than other types of rice.
Organic white Basmati rice 5 kg
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Price €19.50* €18.50* €20.50* €20.50* €23.50* €22.00*
Product number BAS_004 BAS_003 REIS_004 REIS_007 REIS_006 REIS_003
Content 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg
Base price €3.90* / 1 kg €3.70* / 1 kg €4.10* / 1 kg €4.10* / 1 kg €4.70* / 1 kg €4.40* / 1 kg
Properties low in sugar, low in saturated fat, low-fat, vegetarian, organic, vegan, sugar-free low in sugar, low in saturated fat, low-fat, vegetarian, organic, vegan low in sugar, low-fat, vegetarian, organic, vegan, sugar-free low-fat, vegetarian, organic, vegan, sugar-free low in sugar, low in saturated fat, low-fat, vegetarian, organic, vegan, sugar-free, lactose free low in sugar, low-fat, vegetarian, organic, vegan, sugar-free
Herkunftsländer India Pakistan Italy Italy, Argentina Thailand Italy

Varieties & Origin

Sushi rice

Sushi rice is one of the short-grain rice varieties, which differentiate themselves from long-grain rice varieties, such as jasmine or basmati rice, due to their higher starch content. The starch in sushi rice makes it very sticky. Its aroma is quite sweet.

Cultivation by country in tons
Country Tons
China 206000000
Indien 157200000
Indonesien 7846465
Bangladesch 52231000
Vietnam 44974206
Thailand 32620160
Myanmar 26423300
Philippinen 18967826
Brasilien 12175602
Japan 10549000
USA 10025980
Kambodscha 9324000
Pakistan 7005000
Nigeria 6734000
Ägypten 6000000
Südkorea 5637682
Népal 5047047
Laos 4002425
Madagaskar 3978000
Sri Lanka 3381000

In total there are more than 100,000 different types of rice worldwide; it is therefore no wonder that rice is grown in more than 100 countries on all continents - except Antarctica. China and India lead the global production, but a lot of rice is also grown in other Asian countries and in South and North America, as well as in Europe. Depending on the variety, it takes between three and eight months until rice is ready to be harvested. After corn, rice is the world's most cultivated food.


Hier wächst Dein Reis

Ob für Sushi, Risotto oder als leckerer Milchreis: Der Reis aus Deiner Bestellung ist sonnenverwöhnt und stammt von den Feldern Italiens.

Reis hat besonders viel Durst

Er beginnt seine Reise auf gefluteten Feldern. Zwar werden nicht alle Reissorten unter Wasser angebaut – aber Unkraut und Schädlinge haben nicht so viel Lust auf nasse Wurzeln und Füße. So steigt der Ertrag und die Reisbauern können mehr Reis für Dein nächstes Mittagessen ernten.

Reis ist das zweitwichtigste Lebensmittel

Fast 800 Millionen Tonnen Reis werden jedes Jahr geerntet – und es werden jährlich mehr. Weltweit liegt der Reis damit zwar hinter Mais (1,1 Mrd.), aber deutlich vor Kartoffeln (370 Mio.) und Weizen (730 Mio.).

Wir passen genau auf, was wir Dir schicken

Bevor der Reis seinen Weg zu Dir findet, wird natürlich erst die Qualität gecheckt. Alles, was nicht passt, wird aussortiert.

Nur poliert und gewaschen in die Verpackung

In diesen Maschinen wird der Reis für seine Reise auf deinen Teller vorbereitet. Hier werden die Reiskörner gewaschen und bekommen eine Wasser-Politur. So bleibt der natürliche Geschmack erhalten.

Essen zu testen macht (fast) immer Spaß

Ganz egal welchen Reis Du bei uns bestellst – bei KoRo bekommst du nur die leckersten Sorten. Nur wer unser Tasting übersteht, schafft es in unser Sortiment. Die Schlechten haben wir schon vorher für Dich raus gesucht.

Hier wartet Dein Reis auf Dich

Erst wenn die besten Körner ihren Weg in unsere Großpackungen gefunden haben, erwarten sie hier sehnsüchtig Deine Bestellung.

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What others say about Organic white Basmati rice 5 kg


114 Reviews




⭐️⭐️bester Basmati rice!

Best basmati rice. I have tried many different Biomarkrn, this is the best ⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!
Does not stick after cooking, smells good, and the price is right !!!

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As an alternative to the unpacked store

Super rice, quality and price top, but above all we finally have no more mini plastic packs.

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Kirsten K.


Price / Performance 1*

Quality is great and so is the price.
We are very satisfied and therefore repeat offenders

Be the first one to mark this review as helpful

Kathrin M.


Super price-performance ratio

Super organic basmati rice: delicious, versatile and cheap. I have bought this rice several times now because it is cheap for organic quality and in the 5kg package is a good size for me to consume.

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Stefan H.


delicious and easy to cook.

The rice tastes very good, has a good quality and is easy to prepare:
Water 2:1,
simmer for 10min,
then 10min on warm plate residual water to soak,

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Julia S.


I am very satisfied

I am as always very satisfied with the quality!

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Sehr gute Qualität

Das Beste, was ich online finden konnte. Ich liebe es! Gute Verpackung für die Lagerung.

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Diego R.


Perfekt für den täglichen Bedarf

Leckerer Reis. Er ist wirklich schnell gekocht. Zumindest ich bevorzuge es, ihn einfach zu halten: mit Salz, Öl und ein wenig Knoblauch.

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Ausgezeichnete Qualität. Parfümiert. Perfekte Stärke.

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5kg pack quantity! Very good to not have to constantly buy.

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